J.D. Field – 3 1/2 Years


You’re such a cool dude. I have one million things to remember about you in these past six months, but I’ll have to settle for the list I managed to write out. So here goes:

  • Your birthday party was memorable. We were outside during a light snow. You said,  “Don’t worry. It’s just wrinkles.” (sprinkles)
  • One day, when I tried to wake you up to go pick up Sister, you said, “You’re interrupting my sleep time.”
  • One day we were playing, and you said, “I’m not scared.” And I said, “Oh, you were pretending?” You said, “Yeah, I was just pretending, and also because God is always with us.”
  • You are super friendly. One day you made room for a man to sit on the train by you. Then you patted the seat for him to sit down.
  • We were making worms in tot school, and I got out googly eyes, and you said, “But worms don’t have eyes!”(True.)
  • You went through a phase of trying to raise your ring finger, but you actually always raised your middle finger. One day, you proudly showed a nice older lady at the bus stop (but you didn’t tell her what you were doing). She was gracious about it.
  • Then you cut that finger (or “sifted” it as you would say, on a flour sifter), so you held that middrole finger up a lot.
  • As mentioned above, you sifted your finger at T.J. Maxx in June, so we went to urgent care, and then in September, you fell off of a hand rail you were climbing over, so we ended up in the ER. I’m so thankful that the CT scan revealed no major damage. (The ER trip was quite a scary one as you had hit the most fragile part of the skull, you were drowsy, and throwing up.)
  • You called the Mr. Softee truck “Jack Frost.”
  • “Oh, so Abraham was puzzled?” (when I said “confused”)
  • You wanted a muffin but it was frozen. I told you that, and you said, “Then I’ll give it to Olaf!”
  • “Mommy, I have lizards on my feet.” (You meant blisters.)
  • One day, you proudly told our whole art class, “God made everything!” when the teacher was explaining who had “made” a piece of art.
  • The next time we were in that class, you boldly sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bird.”
  • There’s a Freeman stop in the Bronx. After we passed it, you said, “I can’t wait until we get to the Candace stop!”
  • You like to show your muscles and say, “I got two cotton balls in here!”
  • “But I’m too brave!”
  • One day at the park you were starting to play with another boy. He wasn’t too talkative, so you said, “Let’s talk about names. Mine is J.D.”
  • We ate catfish at GiGi and Big Dad’s, and since it was in strips, you called it “cat chicken.”
  • Also, at GiGi and Big Dad’s, you followed Addie when she went outside to the pool. I ran after you and found you sitting down next to her with your feet in the pool and reminded you not to go outside without an adult. You looked at me and said, “But I was going to take care of her!”
  • Sometimes you tell me, “I love you infinity 100 times more than you think.”
  • While watching Charlotte’s web and talking about farm animals, I mentioned we eat cows. You cut your eyes over at me and said, “Oh. I never. even. knew that.”
  • You also said, “If Charlotte dies, then God will say, “Ahh! A spider!”
  • We see a man named D.C. multiple times a day in our hood. He’s always really encouraging to you and to our whole family. Last time we saw him, he was telling you how great your parents are. He said when you grow up, he wants you to remember a man named D.C. telling you that you have great parents who will always take care of you and who will be your best friends. I appreciate you hearing that from someone else.
  • When Big Dad visited this summer, you had him tell you the story of how he cut off the tip of his finger one million times. Now you can recite that story with every single detail.
  • Without me telling you to, you told a crossing guard “Thank you for what you do!” She was so blessed and said that you had made her day!
  • We read (and play) “Mercy Watson” a lot. It’s one of your new favorite series of books!
  • Sister went back to school, and you really miss her. You guys are good friends! And you are your dad have had some special times together lately – throwing the baseball and chasing “bad guys” through Central Park.

You are such a sweet guy, and although you think you should be in school already, I’m glad to have this last year with you at home. You’re my buddy.



Caption from the picture – “One milkshake. Two straws.” (How you ordered that day)

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