School Update and Fairley – 4.75 Years Old


**For this post, I’m combining my Fairley quarterly update with an update on her school because – multitasking. 🙂

Dear Fair,

You’ve proudly been declaring that you are 4 and 3/4 years old – so close to the big 5!!! I’m amazed at how much you have grown lately. I want to make notes so we can thank God and remember all that he’s doing in your life.

  • You still love really big. One person you love well is your brother. And he loves you. Recently we had some friends come stay with us, including sweet little Hollynn (a baby you both fawned over). J.D. said something about her being “his girl.” You immediately reminded him that YOU are his girl. So sweet!
  • One day you also told me that J.D. really is your super hero!
  • You created a food illustration of the gospel one time – You said our heart is like a grape, broken by sin (so you broke it apart). You said Jesus comes in (illustrated by cheese), and he fixes the hole in our heart. (You said he’s white cheese because he’s holy.)
  • One day a sweet lady stopped us at the bus stop and gave you a dress she had crocheted for a doll. It was so generous. She said it was better to give than to receive. She had a whole bag and was passing them out. Her name was Marilyn, and I want to remember her kindness because it brought you such joy that day and taught us a lesson about giving to others.
  • You’ve started school now, and you love it!!! You’re reading on your own now, and you’re writing so well. When you’re off of school, you pray for the days to pass quickly so you can go back. You’ve also even prayed and asked God for more homework. We’re so grateful for the way God perfectly handpicked this school for you.
  • I wanted to document all the ways God answered our prayers, so I’m listing the prayers we prayed back in May once we enrolled you in school (updates in italics):
    • For a kind teacher (possibly, her name is Ms. Jackie) – Ms. Jackie is your teacher, and she’s wonderful. She’s kind and loves having you in her class. (You also have a class full of wonderful friends. One little girl, named Alice, we met at the bus stop on our way to your very first day of school. We also met others like Petal and Victoria and her mom, Kris, before school even began. It was so nice to know a few friendly faces on your first day!)
    • That all of our hearts would transition well. That Fairley will transition to a long school day and to being out of our house and with another teacher and friends for a large portion of the day. For me and J.D., as we will both miss having her at home. (She’s a joy, you know!) – The days have been long, at times, but we’re all adjusting. You love going to school every single day, and J.D. and I have enjoyed some sweet playground dates and some fun times with Sitara. We miss you, but we all enjoy our days and still have plenty of time to play together after school. We’ve also been able to have a standing playdate with Kris and Victoria each week, which is has been fun and helped build our friendships even more.
    • That we’d be educational advocates for Fairley and all the children in the school – Well, I’m doing what I can here starting with being active (and the secretary) in the PTA.
    • That we as a family would be a light in the school – loving people with the love of Christ and looking for opportunities to tell them why we can do that (because of the Gospel!) – This is one we can always keep praying for, but we are so glad that we have been given the opportunity to do that at ECDD.
    • And finally, that they would approve our request to continue letting Fairley attend her Bible Study Fellowship class once a week. It’s a long shot, but we’re going to pray boldly and trust the Lord’s answer. – It was a YES! You still get to attend BSF each week, which is an amazing opportunity to learn about God and his love for you through learning His Word. This was a HUGE answer to prayer!
  • We are thanking God for his provision and guidance in placing you in this great school.
  • I’m also thanking God as I continue to see him form your heart to be loving and generous to those around you. I’ve also seen repentance in your life and the beginning of an understanding of God’s love for us through Jesus and what he did on the cross to save us from our sin. This weekend, you told us the whole Christmas story with our nativity set and then sang an original song you made up about Jesus being born on Christmas. I love getting a glimpse into what you’re thinking, feeling, learning, and processing, and I pray that God forms your heart to love him most.

I just love being your mom. It’s a great joy! I love you so much, Fair!



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