J.D. – 2 years, 5 months


You. Are. Awesome. You make every day fun and exciting (and a little bit tiring). Ok, a lot tiring. But you’re worth it! Here are a few things to remember from this past month:

  • You speak emphatically with your hands.
  • You told someone who asked you about school on the bus, “I do tot school. With my mom.” (I felt so happy and proud.)
  • You asked someone if they were 7, and they said, no. Then you asked, “Well, are you 8? Are you 9?”
  • We have Sunday breakfasts each week to talk about the goodness of God. One week you shared that you liked going to the zoo. (It was your way to express something great (a goodness of God) during your week!)
  • One of my favorites:

M: J.D., where’s your gum? Did you swallow it?

JD: Hmmm…

M: Where did it go?

JD: It went home. Wee, wee, wee, all the way home!

(You swallowed it.)

  • “Could you do me a favor?”
  • “I’m glad you’re here.” (A favorite thing to tell people like GiGi and Big Dad and Tonya, which is the sweetest thing ever.)
  • “There’s a baby in the shower?!” (When we were telling you about Miss Jenny’s baby shower) We explained to you that it was a party to shower Miss Jenny with gifts. Then when your dad said the same thing later to make a joke, “There’s a baby in the shower?!” you said (seriously), “No, only Miss Jenny.”
  • “Come everybody anyway!” instead of “The cold never bothered me anyway!”
  • You took the “belly button boogie” a step farther with some other choice body parts.
  • You took swimming lessons this month. (We were actually in Texas for two weeks this month – so fun!) You did not love having to put your face in the water, but your teacher, Mrs. Cheryl, was very patient with you, and you were brave to keep going back to lessons every day. We went to the final day of swimming where you were able to perform everything you learned. You looked at me, with tears in your eyes, and said, “I not going to cry today.” You did a good job that morning, but that night, you started loving going under water! You even said, “Ok, now I’m ready for swimming lessons!” (Wish we could have had another week because I think you would have been swimming like a fish!) My favorite was going under water with you while wearing goggles and then smiling at each other under water!
  • “I like your face.” (to me)
  • While in Texas, I gave you some trail mix with a yogurt covered raisin in it. You ate one, and then found another and lifted it up and said, “Mom, this is a treat!”
  • We were able to visit your great grandparents a lot during our trip. While at MawMaw’s, you took her walker while she was looking for something. You went racing down the hall (because we do always play with her walker there, but usually while MawMaw is sitting down). MawMaw started cautiously, but quickly, chasing you down the hallway. GiGi asked if you had taken MawMaw’s walker, and you said, “Well, I was playing with it first!!!” “
  • “You can call me John Durden or John Durden Field!”
  • You started potty training yourself this month (for real). You’re doing an amazing job and even ask to get up to go potty in the middle of the night sometimes! (Big boy bed soon?!)
  • You recognize the numbers 1-10 and are getting much better with your colors. I’m excited to start Tot School with you again in the fall (but I’m also excited to just have special time playing with you and doing whatever you want to do during this season that we have together when Sister starts school. We’ll sure miss her, but I know it will be good for all of us!)

Love you to the moon and back,


Candace Field

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