School Plans: March 2016

This month’s plans will be condensed. We will be traveling for almost two weeks, and then we will spend one week celebrating Easter with some advent activities I’d love to share!


  • Themed Unit: Easter
    • Tot School:
      • Letter: Ee
      • Number: 7
      • Color: Green
      • Shape: Pentagon
    • Preschool Extensions:
      • Reading: Emergent Reader, Sight words, Writing letters
      • Math: Writing #7
      • Bible: Easter

Week 1: Reading/Math/Easter eggs

  • Tot School Reading:
  • Preschool Reading:
  • Number – 7
  • Easter: A few ideas from last year:
    • Jellybean Sensory Bin (We’ll also probably sort and graph the jellybeans for a great math activity! We’ll use this printable from this website.)
    • Magic Egg Story – from pages 23-24 in this great packet – I’ll probably just make our eggs out of cardstock instead of felt.
    • Cross Color Puzzles
    • Color Matching (eggs with pompons)
    • Number Egg Match 
    • Snowball Catch –  Changing it to work with eggs/pompons
      Write numbers in the bottom of each section of an empty egg carton.
      Have each child put 1 snowball (cotton ball) in the egg carton. Close
      the cover and shake it. Then open it up and see which number it landed
      in. Then ask child to count out that many snowballs.
      Source – Oopsey Daisy
      Big/Small Sort of some sort

      Motor Skills:

      Pushing through styrofoam

    • For so many other fun Easter-themed ideas (especially for reading/math/science) that we probably won’t have time for this year – see my pinterest board here.

Week 2 and 3 – Adventures in Texas!

Week 4: Easter Advent – See my detailed post here for a week of activities leading up to Easter!

Week 5: Color and Shape

Books about Easter (Religious and non-religious):

  • Love this link of Christ-centered Easter books.
  • Easter Bugs – David A. Carter
  • Bunny’s Noisy Book – Margaret Wise Brown
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit- Beatrix Potter
  • The Flopsy Bunnies – Beatrix Potter
  • What Does Bunny See? – Linda Sue Park



Song Ideas:

  • Green Song – Frog Street Press
  • Songs & Finger Plays
    • Bunny Pokey (Tune: Hokey Pokey)
    • You put your bunny ears in (Place hands on head to make ears)
    • You put your bunny ears out.You put your bunny ears in.And you shake them all about.You do the Bunny Pokey And hop yourself around, That’s what it’s all about!Continue with bunny nose, bunny tail, bunny paws.

      (taken from Oopsey Daisy blog packet)


      Here is a bunny     (Hold up index and middle fingers.)
      With ears so funny.     (Wiggle fingers.)
      And here is his
      Hole in the ground.     (Make hole with fist of the other hand.)
      At the slightest noise he hears,
      He pricks up his ears,     (Wiggle fingers.)
      Then hops to his
      Hole in the ground!     (Pretend to hop bunny ears into the hole.)

      (taken from Dr. Jean)

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