Dear J.D.,

Happy Birthday, little dude! You are now a big TWO years old! You bring so much joy to our lives. You are clever, funny, determined, and full of love. Here are a few things to remember from this past month, but first – a few things I might have forgotten from last month:

  • You sit and listen to long stories now, mostly from this one Thomas the Train book we have. You could listen to six stories straight from that book, over and over again.
  • One day, we were at the library, and if I take my eyes off of you for one moment, I usually could lose you. This day, however, was different. Every time I would look up from a conversation, I would find you in the same spot, flipping through books!
  • You got a little confused with our (beta) fish named Goldie. You would say, “Me eat Goldie the goldfish?”
  • You are also participating in Tot school more now and remembering some of the letters we’re learning. You made an “h” one day, and we hung it up, and each time you saw it, you would say, “Made that H!”
  • You’re starting to go teetee on the potty each night before bath, but every time, you want us to do the little “teetee in the potty” song and dance.
  • Now you say banana instead of “manana.” You also still ask for one almost every morning when you wake up.
  • You have lots of words and say many sounds correctly, but a few that still haven’t been developed are /t/ for /c/ – e.g., tome, tar, tanis (for Candace), betuz (because), etc. You also say /y/ for /l/ such as in siwwy or yewwing.
  • You like to say, “Dat siwwy” (for “that’s silly”). Or sometimes you’ll say, “Siwwy me. I forgot.”
  • One night, Daddy was sick and was throwing up. You heard the sound and couldn’t compute it. You said, “Daddy yewwing?!”
  • After Daddy’s illness, and Mommy’s attempt to keep things clean and the rest of us well, you would walk around saying, “Germs EVERYWHERE!”
  • You also still say “bobbin” for bottom. I hate to correct that one because I just like it.
  • You do a great fake cry – “boohoo!”
  • At Fairley’s birthday party, you went up to the ice rink and immediately said, “Where’s sis?!”
  • If I clean something up, you’ll go look for it and say, “You taked it!”
  • One day, we were sitting at the table after nap, and you looked over and said, “Whatcha thinkin bout?” I gave some answer, and then you said, “Hmm…(looking around the room), I’m thinkin’ bout my jacket.” It was still a sweet attempt to try to start up a conversation with me.
  • You’ll also ask, “How was your day?” or “How was your rest?”
  • When asked how old you are, you’ll (still) say, “Two in March!”
  • Also, the week before your birthday, you’d say, “My birfday coming up!”
  • “It’s my favorite…” (Song, toy, food, etc.)
  • You can do some rhyming with a little game called, “Willaby Wallaby Woo!”
  • You also know several letters now, and you can count really well to 20, only skipping a few numbers.
  • One time while eating a sandwich you said, “I smashed my finger!” I said, “Oh no! In what?” You said, “My mouth!”
  • You’ll also say, “I don’t know” in the cutest little voice.
  • We flew to Texas on the day before your second birthday (to avoid paying for your ticket). We shared a seat since the flight was full. It was a little crammed, but I enjoyed the snuggle time with you. You also got motion sickness from the turbulence for the first time every, but we cleaned you up quickly, and you were fine…until we got in the car and you got sick again…
  • At Uncle Aaron’s house, you slept in a big boy toddler bed. You did great and only fell out once. You also came up and snuggled with Mommy in the morning, and I loved it. One time, we even both fell back asleep until 7 AM. That almost never happens, but it was a fun way to start your second birthday. Then we headed downstairs for some birthday donuts with family. Now we’re spending time at GiGi and Big Dad’s and making lots of fun memories.
  • That same day, when I was snuggling you before bed, you gave the sweetest, unprompted, “I wuv you so much.” I felt my heart swell to ten times its size!

We sure do love you so much, Buddy. It’s been a joy to watch you grow so much over these past few months. I’ve seen God put generosity and willingness to share in your heart. You often show patience and take turns. You are loving and considerate of others. You still have a very strong will and get things “stuck in your craw” as we in our family like to say, but I’m convinced that God can channel and use your strong will and determination for great things.

We love you so much and are so proud that you are ours!



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