One Month Away from Two Years- Johnny D


Hey Johnny D.,

You’re almost there. You’re so close to two years old. You’re not my baby anymore. You’re a big kid. Mommy kind of wants to fall into a big pool of tears after writing that last statement. But I know it’s good. You’re supposed to grow up. So, well done, little guy. You sure are growing up these days!

  • You’re a chatter box! You can say full sentences now! You repeat a lot of what we say in the most adorable “question voice.”
  • “May I have some ____ please?” is one of the full sentences you say now. And I love it.
  • “Ohhhhh (long pause), Gotcha, Gotcha!” is one of my favorites.
  • And “Actually, no,” was learned from your sister. I also love when you say, “Otay,” kind of like Alfalfa.
  • “bobbin” = your way to say bottom
  • “Where dat from?” is how you asked what something is for awhile.
  • You’re still so super silly (as demonstrated in this month’s picture above). You love to laugh and make other people laugh.
  • Oh, one from last month – In Texas, at candlelight service, you thought the drums were too loud. You told Big Dad (several times), “Big Dad, drums too loud. Hurt my ears.” 🙂
  • You give the BEST hugs now. You really wrap your arms around and grab my neck. You also will put your hands on my face and turn my head towards yours. (A little disrespectful when you just want my attention, but super cute when you give me a big sloppy kiss!)
  • We were playing with the sensory bin, and you’re really starting to pretend. You asked if you could eat the fake snow, and I declined. You grabbed a polar bear and said, “Only bear eat it?” and I said yes. Then you bounced the bear and told me you were putting him in his crib. You also love playing with, patting, bouncing, changing diapers with baby dolls.
  • You’re catching on to so many things. Sister carries granola bars in her bag to give to those in need, and you asked for one, too. I was convinced you would only want to eat it yourself, but you said, “No, bar, backpack, please.” And you took it and put it right in your backpack to save for someone else.
  • You often tell me you’re talking on the phone to Jesus.
  • You can spot/hear airplanes better than anyone I know. You’ll scream, “Airplane!” and we’ll all assume you’re mistaken, until we look up and see a tiny little airplane up in the sky. You can also do it from our apartment (where we only have one small window worth of a view of the sky).
  • For awhile you called a basketball “bouncy ball.”
  • You love to dunk, throw, and catch.
  • You have methods, and you like things to be a particular way. One day we were playing a game where you threw and I swatted the ball. I would try to change things up, but you would remind me of the original plan for the game every time.
  • You love telling the cab driver, “Fifth and Madison!”
  • You only dream about dinosaurs. Every morning, we ask:

M or D: J.D., did you have any dreams?

JD: Yes.

M or D: What was it about?

JD: Dinosaurs

M or D: What did you do with dinosaurs?

JD: Feed them.

M or D: And what else?

JD: Roared them!

M or D: Were they mean or nice?

JD: Nice dinosaurs.

  • The other day, the intro measure to “Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul” came on, without words, and you started singing that exact song. Musically inclined, I’d like to believe.
  • Yesterday, you decided you wanted to do ballet. You said, “point, passe” and even woke up from your nap talking about ballet.

Whatever you decide to do, little man, the world better watch out because you will do it. You are determined! But, in contrast, I’ve also seen a meekness in you over the past couple of months and a desire to obey that I wasn’t sure existed in your younger months. I’m confident that God will be able to use both your determination and your submission (that I’m continuing to pray for) to do big things for his kingdom. I love the way He uniquely created you – from the way you look to what you do to your personality and every part of you. And I love that I get to share this part of your life with you. And most importantly,  I love YOU.

Happy almost birthday,


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