Four years. You have been ours for four years. You made me a mommy, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of these four years with you. I get to teach you, but really, there are so many things that God uses you to teach me. I make life complicated, and you help simplify things for me.

You have such a passion for life. You get so excited about what could seem like little things, but to you, the little things are the big things. You truly enjoy life. Our God is a good God, and he makes good things, and we are blessed to enjoy them. And you enjoy things fully.

You are so compassionate. God really is growing that trait in you. You have empathy and can think about and feel what other people are feeling. And then you move towards them in compassion. You offer your support and love in the form of physical affection and words of affirmation. There have been many times lately where I’ve felt you were my cheerleader. And you love your brother, your dad, and others we get to share life with in that same way.

You do love physical affection. I’ve learned this past year that it’s definitely a love language for you. You give and receive love in the form of love pats, hugs, rubs, and snuggles.

You are also developing a strong confidence in who God has created you to be. I attribute a lot of this to your daddy, who is great with words of affirmation. He does an amazing job of reminding you of how loved you are, who you are in God’s eyes (and our eyes), and how God has created you to be such a special girl just the way you are. I’m so grateful to see that this is the reality that you live in now, and I pray that it only goes deeper into your being as you get older and the world may inevitably try to tell you otherwise.

You are learning so much. You are great at math, and you’re learning to read. You could do “big girl work” all day long if I let you. Spending a few minutes playing and learning together after J.D. goes down for nap and before you start yours have been some of my favorite times with you this year. I’ve also loved starting to go on “mommy daughter” dates with you. Oh, and I started laying down with you at the beginning of naptime and loved getting a few extra sweet snuggles that way!

So every few months, I compile the sweet things you’ve said and done, and this month is no different. But – there are a lot. These past few months have been rich with fun experiences and memories.

  • We celebrated your birthday with friends this morning in exactly the way you planned. (You started planning in October.) Four girls and dads. Ice skating. New pink ice skates. Princess Tiana and Jasmine. Pink cupcakes. Birthday hats. Bubblegum goody bags. God gave us the most beautiful day in Bryant Park, and I think we all made memories we’ll cherish forever.
  • Learning symmetry – you said, “My body is symmetrical but my shirt’s not,” (because it had a flower on it that wasn’t symmetrical).
  • “God will never say anything mean to us, but he will punish us when he needs to.”
  • “Run into my arms!” (A favorite game with your brother that ends in a big hug.)
  • You were an angel again in the Gotta Dance Christmas Performance. I was so proud of you because you hadn’t been to a rehearsal like the other kids, and while on stage, you noticed you didn’t know exactly what to do, so you looked around and watched the other kids and seamlessly followed their lead. You told me later that it was just like they were your teachers, so you watched them. You weren’t one bit flustered. You just blended right in.
  • You asked Uncle Aaron if we could borrow his trailer because we’d need it to get all our Christmas presents home.
  • Ashley said she hoped she’d see us again before we left Texas, and you said, “I’m sure you will. We need a ride to the airport.”
  • “My daddy says I’m beautiful no matter what.”
  • We were decorating gingerbread men, and Daddy said that you should do curly hair. You looked at him and confidently said, “Daddy, I like my hair just the way God made it.”
  • “I’m spoiled with love.” (When we joked that you were spoiled.)
  • “He was just experimenting with the doggy door.” (When J.D. tried to fit through Crosby’s door.)
  • Reid asked you what would happen if your pony came to life. You said that couldn’t happen. He said, “Yeah, but what if it did?” You said, “Reid, we’re just going to have to agree to disagree about this.”
  • One time while J.D. was in timeout, you went to sit with him and keep him company.
  • You said you wanted to have a Tiana party. And then when you said you wanted to have an ice skating party, I said, “I thought you wanted a Tiana party.” You said, “Mom, ice skating is the activity. Tiana is the theme.”
  • You’re developing perseverance, and you know what that word means. We refer to it right now when we talk about enduring long walks or walking up the stairs when you’re tired.
  • We learned about MLK, Jr. last month, and so we also talked about slavery and how people are still mistreated because of the color of their skin. You told me, “Well, the white people should have just told the black people, ‘You sit here while I do all the work.'”
  • “God has a good plan for you. He’ll give you a good place.” – I can’t remember if you were talking to me or Daddy, but you were hearing one of our conversations, and you chimed in with this encouragement.
  • God’s softening your heart, and I see repentance happening in your heart. The last few times you needed discipline, you showed true remorse for your actions and were quick to repent and apologize and seek forgiveness (which is always granted).
  • You asked why I wear mascara. I said it makes my lashes longer and helps me feel awake. (You have long lashes), so you said, “Are you trying to be like me? Because you’re special just the way you are.”
  • “Praise God!” is something I say throughout the day sometimes when I feel God’s provision and help. Now I hear you say it as you go through your day, too.
  • Your prayer one night: “That I would remember that you (God) think I’m pretty even when I don’t feel fancy.”
  • “I feel left in!” (included)
  • I was having a sad morning and felt disappointed that I couldn’t keep some of our plans because of icy weather and a sore back. You said, “God has a good plan for your life, Mom…You never ruin our mornings…you make our mornings so fun!”
  • We had a harder morning getting out the door and catching the bus one morning, and as we got on the bus, I said something that was a line from “Love Is an Open Door.” We immediately burst into a duet together and sang the whole rest of the song in front of everyone on the bus. It reconnected us and is such a fun memory.
  • You had had a hard time the day before with managing some disappointment about not getting your way. The next day, J.D. fell prey to the same problem. He was on the floor in the middle of the tantrum. You got down and rubbed his back, saying, “J.D., I know you are having a hard time. I was having a hard time, too. I understand. But you need to obey Mommy. If you don’t obey, you will get a consequence.” J.D. looked up, and said, “Otaaaaay.”
  • Another prayer: “People tell me you are growing things in my heart. Thank you for growing things in my heart! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
  • My favorite – Two nights before your birthday, when I was feeling sappy about you growing older, you said, “You’ll still have J.D…when I go to school…but then he’ll get older…and you…can have more children?!” But there were lots of hugs between each thought. And then you added, “Mommy, I will give you a big hug every day when I leave for school, and then I’ll always come back and give you another big hug!”

I love living life with you. I love that you are four and so ecstatic about it. I love that you are you. And I love that I get a front row seat to your life and all that God is doing in and through you already.

You’re special, Fairley Anne Field. And you are so loved.

Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Girl!



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