School Recap: Dec 2015

Lately we’ve been enjoying some warmer weather, lazy mornings, and grandparent play time in Texas, but before we left NY, we did get to do some of our tot school plans. We didn’t get to everything (especially the worksheets), but we did get to have some Christmas fun and celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Here’s a link to some pictures from the month followed by our lesson plan. (It’s a link again since I’m posting remotely – sorry about that!)

Also – some of the pictures show us at an art class that I LOVE – It’s called Lil Studio, and it’s held once a month (for free!) at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Such a gem!


  • Themed Unit: Christmas, candy canes, cakes, candles, Christ (Christmas and Jesus’s Birthday)
    • Tot School:
      • Letter: C
      • Number: 4
      • Color: White
      • Shape: Star
    • Preschool:
      • Reading: Sight Words, an Emergent Reader, Word Search
      • Math: Writing #4, Counting and Number Recognition
      • Bible: The First Christmas
  • Week 4 – Celebrating Jesus’s Birthday with a cake and candles!


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