22 months with Johnny D.

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Hey Buddy!

I think this month has brought about some of the most change in you so far. You talk a LOT, you’re gaining self-control, and you’re just a ton of fun to be around! Here are many things I don’t want to forget:

  • Last month, I forgot that you would say, “Wait me!” when you were wanting us to wait for you. I would also ask you if you had a dirty diaper and you’d always say, “No, all clean!”
  • We spent most of your last month in Texas with GiGi and Big Dad and other family members. You love them all, but you attached yourself to Big Dad hard core this time. You loved “driving” in his car in the driveway.
  • We were telling Ansley and Fairley to say, “I love Big Dad” when they were taking a picture. You ran in from another part of the room, sat down in the picture, and said, “I love Big Dad, too!”
  • You also had a great time playing with cousins and with our friend, Quinn.
  • Any time someone is gone, you do roll call and ask “Where GiGi go?” or “Where Daddy go?”
  • On the flight, Daddy was trying to help you sleep by stroking your face, and you politely said, “Space please.”
  • If we ask, “Who’s in that picture?” (of you), you’ll say, “YOU!”
  • If we ask. “Who do you love?” You’ll say, “ME!”
  • Another phrase I love – “J.D. got it.”
  • “Otay, Darling!” (And you’ll kiss my hand!)
  • When you want to walk off somewhere alone, you’ll tell us, “Right back.”
  • I’ll tell you I love you and say, “Do you know that?” You’ll answer, “Yeah! Know dat!”
  • You would take GiGi’s phone and say, “Otay doodle. Happy on tube.” (You are obsessed with minions and that song.)
  • When you’re asking a question, you raise your little voice to a higher sound, which is so cute.
  • If we’re asking you to not touch something, we can yell, “Hands up!” and (sometimes) you’ll throw up both hands.
  • You also say, “I won’t” a lot to ensure us you won’t do the wrong thing (although sometimes you say it when you’re meaning, “I will.”)
  • You know how to say “ma’am” and “sir” now, and it’s the sweetest thing when you say, “Yes ma’am!”
  • You know the letter F, X and #3. You can count past ten and some backwards counting, too. We’re still working on colors, but I think we’re starting to make some progress there.
  • You also know and sing lots of songs now. “Jingle Bells” and “Go Tell It on the Mountain” were your favorite this Christmas.
  • You love your sister a lot. You guys hold hands, give hugs and kisses, and are starting to play more together. You’re sweet to share with her – sometimes right away or sometimes after “two minutes!”
  • You also say “sorry” and “forgive you” as needed. Fortunately, there’s a lot of grace operating in this family (and actually, I’m learning a lot about it by watching you and Fairley.)
  • You can say her name now, but you mostly still call her “sister.”
  • We went out for a family dinner last night, and you did so well. You stayed in your spot, didn’t require an electronic distraction, and even sat still way longer than usually necessary while we waited a long while for the check. You were so sweet just looking around and watching what was happening in the restaurant. Mommy just sat there and stared at you and realized how much you’ve grown up!!
  • Afterwards, you and I went on a date. We went to Piece of Velvet for a cupcake, and the sweet guy ended up giving us an extra dozen for free! You and I walked home hand in hand while you held your cupcake with the other hand. You were a perfect little gentleman, and I look forward to many more dates with you!
  • Finally, this month, we were playing around with the name Johnny. I called you Johnny D. once, and it stuck! Now you introduce yourself as Johnny D. And one time, Daddy called you J.D. You said, “No J.D.! Name JOHNNY D.!”

You are quite the handsome, sweet, energetic, funny little man. We love that you’re ours! What a blessing it’s been to be your mommy and daddy!



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