21 Months with J.Dizzle


Hey Buddy!

This past month has been SO fun with you. You’re repeating everything we say, and you also have a mind of your own. You’re funny. You’re always thinking. You push and test, but you also apologize and submit. God’s growing that heart of yours in so many ways, and I love that I get to be a part of process. Here are some fun things to remember from this month:

  • Chase is your thing. You always ask your sister to “chase me!” through the apartment – back and forth between the kitchen and your crib.
  • You also like this game called “run into my arms.” Sister stands there, and she waits for you to run into her arms and then gives you a big hug and kiss. You run back to the couch and repeat. And repeat. And repeat.
  • One day you came in with playdoh in your mouth. I said, “No, no – no eating.” You looked at me, said, “Oh,” and shoved another hand full in your mouth.
  • One day you also had marker all over your mouth and hands. I pointed it out, and you said, “Tummy, too!” You lifted your shirt to show me your very orange tummy.
  • You took alligator tweezers and all by yourself started going “chomp, chomp!”
  • New phrases and words (the ones I can remember at least – you say a lot!): “help with that,” “too loud for J.D. (I think you have sensitive ears?),” “J.D. do it,” “roro = brother,” “Mr. Sean (or Aly or someome else) nice,” your version of “Fairley,” you call stockings “shoeson,” “No, Buddy” when I ask you to do something you don’t want to do
  • You like to tease. Daddy says, “I love you,” and you say, “Oh!” Then he’ll say it again. Same. Then he’ll say, “Do you love me?” And you’ll say, “Yes!” Then you say, “Don’t!”
  • On Thanksgiving, I had coffee with ice cream in it. You asked for ice cream, but I said, “It has coffee in it.” You looked up, and so clearly said, “Caffeine in it?!” Umm…yes…it does have caffeine in it, and maybe I tell you that often…
  • Later, you came back and asked me for ice cream. You patted my back and said, “ice cream.” You took my face in your hands and slowly said, “ice creeeeeam.”
  • I was feeding you fruit salad and gave Grayson a bite. You said, “No, J.D. fruit!”
  • One night, Daddy told you not to jump up and down and yell in your crib. He left, and then we hear, “YELL!!! YELL!!!” I came back in, and you told me “J.D. yelled.” (You’re very honest at least.)
  • New favorite words (of mine)- “Yes ma’am” and “Ok, Mommy/Daddy” (You’re actually doing really well with this!)
  • The other night you wanted to pray for Mr. Sean, Mommy, and Sister
  • You can explain some of the things that you do in “class” (BSF) – like the stop/go game and some of the songs you sing (and snack time – your favorite!)
  • You can pretend now. Fairley likes to play games where she’s a sad little girl needing a family. She was doing this on the bus, and you jumped in and started making sad faces and sounds, too. You knew what she was playing and joined in.
  • Favorite songs – “Holy, Holy, Holy,” “Here’s the Church”
  • You saw Santa this month and seemed to like the whole experience.
  • You love trains right now.
  • You are doing really well with counting. You skip a few numbers, but you can go past ten with help.

There are SO many things I’m forgetting because you amaze me with your growth and development right now, but I’m glad I remember a few things to write down.

Love you SO much!!!


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