J.D. – 20 months


Hey J. Dizzle,

You’re getting so, so big!! You talk so much, repeat everything, and understand way more than I realized. You’re a fun little guy, and we’ve enjoyed our time getting to know you and your BIG personality so much! Here are a few things to remember from this month:

  • Last month, I forgot some of my favorite words: marmar (for markers), Wow! (When you create something, you hold it up and say, “WOW!”), Jesus, yes, nack for snack
  • More words: statue, donalds (For McDonalds), beep beep car (the cozy coupe you love), applebee’s, who is it? (to answer our buzzer), leaves, sister stop! (when she’s running down the sidewalk and you think she’s too close to the street), NO!, I love you, all clean, baby tickle, tickle, tickle (to three day old Fynn), Oooo dog!, Yeah, I do!, change (for diaper), Paul choo choo (because we hear the train in the morning and talk about Mr. Paul riding that early train), bite of that, thanks (and tons more – you repeat most things now!)
  • One day I was calling your dad and then heard you repeat, “Hey babe!”
  • One day Daddy was asking Fairley about her day. Then you started saying words that were clearly an attempt to explain your day as well. “Ball” for the globe you saw and “meow meow” for the bobcat you saw at the museum.)
  • On Halloween, you walked around the neighborhood pointing out all the trash. You wanted everything to be “all clean.” (Also, you were a bus driver and Charlie Brown for Halloween festivities this year.)
  • You love going to your “class” at BSF. When I asked you what you learned last week, you said “Bible.” I asked if you learned about Saul (because that’s what your sister told me about), and you said, “PAUL!” You also love hymn time in class, too.
  • You love singing and reading books right now. You love watching “Cars” the short. You also love building and stacking. (And you love doing anything your sister is doing, of course.)
  • This month you got sick. We didn’t want to put you back in your bed for the last couple of hours of the morning in case you threw up again, so I slept with you on the couch. It was sweet – until you got uncomfortable and just climbed down and slept on the floor, ha!
  • You’re still an early riser, but we prepped for Daylight Savings Time change a little better this year, so you’re at least still waking in the 6 AM hour instead of 5. You still take one nap.
  • You talk about potty stuff (will tell us when you need a change), but we have not yet decided to take the potty training plunge with you. You like to take Fairley’s dolls to go “teetee” on the potty so I guess that’s a good start for now.
  • You wear mostly 18-24 month clothes, and I’m starting to buy you mostly 2T now!
  • I can’t remember if I listed this a few months back, but at your last doctor’s appointment, you were 26.5 pounds and 31.5 inches long. (And that was months ago!)

You’re getting so big and so close to your next birthday – I can’t even believe it! I love you to the moon and back, little guy!!



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