Field School Recap – October 2015

Here are some pictures of our fun this month!

Below are the plans we had for the month:


  • Themed Unit: Fall and Pumpkins
    • Tot School:
      • Letter: F
      • Number: 2
      • Color: Orange
      • Shape: Oval
    • Preschool:
      • Reading: CVC words and Emergent Readers
      • Math: Writing #2, Counting with Ten Frames, Reviewing Shapes
      • Science: Life Cycle of a Pumpkin and Parts of a Pumpkin
  • Week 1:
    • Tot School:
    • Preschool Reading:
      • Word Families Tree – Extend this activity from last month by adding rhyming words on leaves instead of apples. Fairley will then have to read and match the rhyming leaves!
        • Tot School – Enjoy placing felt leaves on the tree! (And picking them off!)
      • In the Fall – Emergent Reader
    • Both:
  • Week 2:
    • Tot School:
      • Number 2: Decorate a number 2 with 2 leaves.
      • Shape – Oval– Color mix red and yellow to make orange (or just find orange paint). Paint an oval (copy and paste image into word doc and print from there to have a clean sheet with no words) orange and decorate it with a face to make a jack-0-lantern,
        • Preschool extension: Count the shapes used to make your jack-o-lantern and record them with this printable. (Scroll down to bottom of page for free printable.)
    • Preschool Math:
    • Both:

Fall and Pumpkin/Halloween Book Ideas:


Music and fingerplays: (for Circle Time)

  • Orange Song (Frog Street Press)
  • Five Little Acorns (with little stick puppets – I’ll probably make mine with real acorns glued to Popsicle sticks)
  • Pumpkin, Pumpkin Sitting on a Wall
  • “This Little Light of Mine”
  • “Falling” – by Joannie Leeds
    Tune:  “London Bridges Falling Down”

    • All the leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down  (Imitate leaves falling down)
      All the leaves are falling down, it is fall.
    • Take the rake and rake them up, rake them up, rake them up  (Imitate raking leaves)
      Take the rake and rake them up, it is fall.
    • Make a pile and jump right in, jump right in, jump right in,  (Children jump forward)
      Make a pile and jump right in, it is fall.
      Diane Chancy
  • Pumpkin song (tune: I’m a little teapot)
    • I’m a little pumpkin – orange and round.
      Here is my stem, There is the ground.
      When I get all cut up, Don’t you shout!
      Just open me up And scoop me out!

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