Field Family Tot School/Preschool Plans – November 2015

Below are the plans for the next month! (How is it already November?!)


  • Themed Unit: Thanksgiving and Turkeys
    • Tot School:
      • Letter: T
      • Number: 3
      • Color: Brown
      • Shape: Triangle (and we really need to review oval, too)
    • Preschool:
      • Reading: Sight words, CVC words, and Emergent Readers
      • Math: Writing #3, Counting with Ten Frames (We didn’t get to this last month.)
      • Social Studies: The First Thanksgiving



  • Week 2:
    • Tot School:
      • Number 3: Decorate a number 3 with 3 turkeys.
        • Preschool extension: Practice writing #3 (I liked this sheet, but the numbers are a little too small to be developmentally appropriate, so we’ll write some bigger #3’s on the bottom of the page.)
        • For fun – Watch “The Three Little Pigs” (on Netflix right now!)
      • Shape – Triangle: Do leaf sticky art (with contact paper) in the shape of a triangle, using leaves cut into triangles. (or just using fall colored tissue paper if leaves don’t work)
    • Preschool Math:
    • Both:


  • Week 3:
    • Tot School:
    • Preschool Social Studies:
      • Read books about the first Thanksgiving and then retell with a bracelet (all from this packet)
        • Thanksgiving Retelling Bracelet:
          “After reading a story about the first Thanksgiving, use colored beads to retell the story of the first Thanksgiving.
          1 brown bead represents the Pilgrims leaving England for religious freedom.
          1 white bead represents the sails on the Mayflower
          3 blue beads represent the long trip over the ocean
          1 green bead for when they spy land
          3 white beads for the snow during the long winter
          1 green bead for the arrival of spring
          1 tan bead for the Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims
          4 beads for the foods served at the first Thanksgiving:
          1 red bead for cranberries
          1 yellow bead for corn
          1 brown bead for turkey
          1 orange bead for pumpkins
          1 green bead for green beans”
    • Both:
      • Retell the Thanksgiving story (make Native American/Pilgrim costumes to use in our play – great ideas from this packet)
        • Dress like an Native American:


  • Week 4: 
    • Tot School:
  • Review Tt, brown, triangle, and brown (and complete anything we didn’t finish earlier in month)
  • Fine Motor– Turkey Feather Hunt and Colander Push – combined two activities


Thanksgiving Book Ideas: (And we’ll also keep out fall/pumpkin books, too.)


I didn’t bring home all of my school books for this unit, so I’ll also check out a few books from our local library. Here are some good ideas for Thanksgiving (celebrated). And here’s another good list, too.

Music and fingerplays: (for Circle Time)

  • Brown Song – Frog Street Press
  • Triangle Song
    • (Tune: Jingle Bells)
      Triangles, triangles,
      Triangles I see.
      Count the points and count the sides,
      Count them 1, 2, 3.
      Triangles, triangles,
      Just for you and me.
      Count the points and count the sides,
      Count them 1, 2, 3.
      By Liz Ryerson
  • Turkey Trot
    To the tune of the Hokey Pokey, sing this song:
    You put your right wing in,
    You put your right wing out,
    You put your right wing in,
    And you shake it all about.
    You do the turkey trot
    And you turn yourself around.
    That’s what it’s all about!
    Additional verses: Left wing (left arm), drumsticks (legs), stuffing (tummy),
    wattle (head), tail feathers (bottom), turkey body (whole self).

(tune:  Ten Little Indians)

One little, two little, three little turkeys,

Gobbly, wobbly, bobbly turkeys,

It’s Thanksgiving Day!

  • The Thankfulness Song – Veggie Tales
  • “Turkey Jake” (to the tune of “Tiny Tim”)I have a big fat turkey,His name was Turkey Jake.

    I put him in the oven

    to see if he could bake.

    He drank up all the butter,

    He ate the stuffing too.

    I opened the oven,

    and out the turkey flew!

  • “I Am Thankful” (to the tune of “Are You Sleeping”)

“I am thankful, I am thankful

For my family and my friends.

I am very thankful,

I am very thankful,

For my family and my friends.”


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