Fairley Anne – 3 and 3/4!


Hi Fair,

Today we realized you are 3 3/4 years old! (You were so adamantly exclaiming you were 3 1/2 until we realized we needed to update that fraction a bit!) You have such a sweet, nurturing personality. You’re learning a lot about the world, God, and yourself, and it’s amazing to have a front row seat to see all that God is teaching you and growing in you. Here are a few fun things to remember from these past several months:

  • Your love for art has really developed. You spend a lot of time being creative at your art table. You’re starting to draw people now, and you create fun stories to go with your pictures. Markers tend to be your favorite medium right now.
  • “squiggling” = scribbling
  • You are also starting to read! You recognize lots of sight words, and you can sound out CVC words.
  • You can also count to 100 by ones and tens.
  • You’re a great “tot school helper.” We have a new friend, Sitara, come to Tot School now, and it’s fun to have you help out. Then you and I get special learning time together once J.D. goes to sleep. You’re thrilled, though, with the idea of starting school next year. You wish you could go now. You asked, “But is there a school for 3 1/2 year olds?!”
  • You’re great with patterns. To a fault. You tried to use them to get what you wanted a few times lately.

F: May I have a bagel?

M: No. You had one yesterday.

F: It could be a pattern: bagel, bagel, no bagel. Bagel, bagel, no bagel.

(You also did this with clothes you wanted to wear.)

  • We saw new construction go up. We wondered what it was. You said, “I’m positive it’s a castle.”
  • You love using the word adorable, especially to describe things your little brother does.
  • One day, you told me, “When I grow up, I hope I do what God is calling me to do. Like Daddy is at church.”
  • You also just looked up sweetly at me one time, like you were going to say something, and I asked, “What, sweetie?” And you said, “I just love you.”
  • You told us one day that you wanted to take a short nap, shorter than a cat nap. An “ant nap” you called it.
  • We are learning about Revelations in Bible Study Fellowship. One day, you told me, “Everyone can always see the clouds, so when Jesus comes, everyone will see him” in reference to the verse “He’s coming with the clouds and every eye will see him.”
  • One night, I was tired on the bed during bedtime routine, and you left for a minute but said, “You can go to the bathroom, but don’t jump up and down on the bed like I do when my Daddy leaves.”
  • We were singing about the color blue and how the ocean is blue. You said, “The ocean is not blue. It’s dirt color.”
  • You know the word transparent and many other big words that I forget to write down. Your little brain remembers so much!!
  • J.D. was crying before bed one night, and we went in, and you said, “I just can’t handle this situation.”
  • You are a city girl who knows the difference between numbered streets and avenues. One day, I asked you to walk, and you said, “No, it’s too far. This is an avenue.”
  • One of my favorite prayers so far: “Thank you, God, for giving us a nice place to live. Please help Robel (a man without a home that we were able to buy lunch for one time) find a place to live.”
  • At Lincoln Center near water: “I just want a little time alone with the river…I’m very curious about what’s happening down there.”
  • City tip: “Never pick up an acorn in a puddle. It might be water, or it could be dog teetee.”
  • You also went to your first opera with Daddy – you loved it! And you and Mommy went on a girls ‘ date and took the tram to Roosevelt Island, went to Dylan’s Candy Bar, and had a great lunch!

You have always been and will always be such a special girl. I can’t believe the next time I write, you’ll be FOUR!!!

We love you so much!


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