J.D. – 19 months



You are such a little man now. I can’t even begin to keep up with your rapid development. I’ll try to remember a few things, but in general, your BIG personality has really come out. You  are so charming. You are so funny and get lots of laughs from people. You are sweet and snuggly at times. You still have a strong will, but your heart is beginning to soften and submit in obedience. You are so fun to be around. Here are a few things to remember from this month:

  • One day, you grabbed the play stroller and ran through our apartment like a mad man, screaming, “BUS! BUS!” I looked at your daddy immediately, and we both realized you were imitating me trying to catch the bus!
  • You love taking care of babies – dolls and real ones if I would let you. One day Fairley hold a new little baby. You kept saying, “BABY! HOLD!”
  • You love singing – everything! Favorite songs are: “The Banana Song” (peel, cut, mash, eat, go bananas), “Wheels on the Bus,” and ABC. You can sing a lot of your ABC’s. My favorite parts are LMNO (where you just stick your tongue in and out) and then the end – “Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!” in a high pitched voice.
  • You like when Fairley sings “Do Re Mi.” You do the running motion on “long, long way to run!”
  • You also like to sing “Let It Go!”
  • You like bath time. You can put your head in water and blow bubbles.
  • You used to yell, “ME!” for any question asked. (“Who wants to go outside?” Who wants ice cream?” “Who wants to get a shot?”) In the bath tub, your dad and sister would ask, “Who wants a bucket of water dumped on their head?” You would always say, “ME!” Then they would dump the water on your head. Now when they ask, you say, “NOOOO!”
  • You love playing at the playground. One memory that I want to hold on to is that when you’re playing, and I come up to you, you’ll stick your little mouth through the bars and give me a kiss!
  • You watch a show called “Signing Time.” Apparently, you learn a lot from it. One day, we brought out cupcakes at community group, and you started saying either “treat” or “cake” and doing the correct sign!
  • You love talking on the fake cell phones and putting them in and out of your pocket. You ask for a cell phone by saying, “HI!”
  • I was getting you dressed for church one day and brought out a button down blue shirt. You said, “Daddy, shirt.”
  • You also love reading books now. A favorite this month was Apple Farmer Annie. It’s funny because this was one of Fairley’s favorite books at this age, too.
  • New words (I wish I could remember them all, but I can’t because there’s a lot!): mumu (music), march, one more, in there, computer, awww man!, mumu (muffins), ma ma (markers), ice, ight (light), you sing the milk song like Papa Tay, Reece, E E (Elliott), MeMe (Megan), trash, dirt, mess, yay with claps, ohhh, apple (instead of bapple)
  • You can put two words together now.
  • New sounds: elephant (with arm), horse (you cock your head to the side), cow, kitty, dog, duck (you don’t make a sound but just open and shut your hands like we do in the duck songs)

You’re such a big guy, and we love watching you grow!!




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