J.D. – 17 Months


Little Buddy,

You’re not so little anymore! You’re becoming such a big kid now. You’re talking more every day and just generally becoming more of a little person. But you do have a big personality. You’re fun-loving, silly, and love to joke around. Here are a few things to remember from this month:

  • You’re super sweet. You still love to give open-mouth kisses. Sometimes, you’ll grab my face, turn my head, and plant one right on my mouth.
  • You understand what we’re saying and can follow directions. You have even brought your cup to the sink when we’ve asked (and once when we didn’t!) (This is great because you used to throw your bottle in the trashcan when you were finished.)
  • One day, you needed help, and you came to the other room to find me, brought me back to where you had been playing, and signed help while showing me what you needed.
  • You love practicing to go potty. You’ll say, “teetee” and then sit on the potty, wipe, and flush.
  • One day you started raising your hand, so we realized if we asked you how to hail a cab, you’d know how to do it!
  • You also love to raise your hand and say, “ME!” I’ll say something like, “We’re about to go outside,” and you’ll raise your hand and scream, “ME!”
  • You love songs, and this month, you liked singing along to “Herman the Worm.” You would stretch out your arms and say, “Big!”
  • We say, “Show me your muscles!” (And you’ll make a great effort to show them off!)
  • We spent most of this month in Texas. You loved spending time with your grandparents and great-grandparents. You also loved being outside. We did so many fun things in Texas! You rode an oversized stuffed animal through the mall, went to the library, played at a waterpark, enjoyed the Children’s Museum, went to the Bounce Zone, swam a lot, and so much more!
  • You also learned lots of words, such as: eye, Emma, melmo (Elmo), moon, pepper, tickle tickle, choochoo, NoNo, Naw, beez (please), street (Sesame Street), peek a boo, spoon, juice, balloon, mine, meel (milk), mou for mouth and mouse, knee, bubba (Big Dad), MawMawPawPaw (one word), baby, J.D., didow (sister or Fairley), ice for outside, nack (for snack, specifically fruit snacks), teetee and poopoo
  • You got a second haircut this month, and you look soooo handsome! You haven’t been to the doctor in awhile, so I don’t know your stats, but you’re looking so much taller to me! You wear all 18 month clothes and some 24 months.

You’re a super cool dude that we’re so glad to know and love!



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