Field Family Tot Camp – Week 8 – Gentleness

We’re working our way through the fruit of the spirit, remembering that these fruit are attributes of God that he first shows us and that he grows in us through his spirit. This week, we’re focusing on gentleness.

**As a reminder, most of my ideas are taken from this blog, which has a great devotional thought for moms at the beginning of the post. I also love the way this blogger opens up her lessons with an intro and closes them with three main points and a prayer, so those pieces always come from this blog. I also found a few well-thought out and explained activities from

Also, every day we practice our unit memory verse with this video.

And then we add a memory verse specific to the fruit of the spirit for that week:

“Be completely humble and gentle. Be patient; bearing with one another in love.”

Ephesians 4:2-3

Day 1: 

Intro and discussion from Grace for Moms:

What to share with your child: This week as we continue to study the fruit of the spirit we are going to talk about gentleness. Many times we tell you to be gentle with something. Your brother or sister. . .mommy’s phone. . .when we are walking through a store with breakable things. . . Being careful or touching people/things respectfully are ways we can be gentle on the outside. But God also wants us to be gentle on the inside, with peace in our heart and with a pleasant attitude.

Discussion: Read Matthew 11:29 together. Here it is paraphrased so little minds can understand better what Jesus was saying here. “{Join with me} and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart.” Matthew 11:29 Jesus invites us to join with him. . .to walk with him and learn from him. Just like we learn from our parents everyday, when we grow in relationship with Jesus, we will learn from him too. We will learn that he is gentle and “lowly in heart” or humble. Eventually, we will learn to be like him. Jesus will teach us to be gentle with our attitude and actions.

Activity: Practice learning to be gentle by being a “mommy” to an egg for a day. (Draw a face and give it a name to make it more fun!) Here’s a longer explanation of this idea (from Thriving Family):

Take an uncooked egg for each of your children, and write his or her name on it. Then place the egg in its own Ziploc bag. Assign each child’s egg to a sibling. Explain that these eggs are fragile and must be handled gently. The children should carry their assigned egg with them during the next hour or two. They can carry it in their hands, a shirt or coat pocket or in another way, but they must not set the egg down.

Let life go on as usual. Don’t remind anyone about his or her egg. As the children carry the eggs, at first they will probably be careful, but they may eventually forget about their eggs and get careless. Even if the eggs do not crack, your children will find it difficult to be mindful of their eggs for the entire time.

Afterward, check on the eggs. Explain that these fragile eggs are like people’s feelings. Sometimes we can accidentally say something that hurts a sibling’s feelings. Or we can be reckless with our words and crush others. Gentleness means treating each person with care, similar to how we needed to care for the eggs. Explain that when we get busy with everyday life, we may find it hard to be careful with our words all the time. But we can ask God to help us be gentle and mindful of others.

— Jeannie Vogel

Extra Activity: Gentleness worksheet to add to our book.

And faithfulness worksheet for last week. (We might save this for another time, but we need to do one so that we have every fruit of the spirit represented in our book!)

Day 2:

Discussion from Grace for Moms:

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing one another in love.” This verse, Ephesians 4:2, tells us we should be like Jesus. . .humble and gentle. Do you know what it means to be humble? To think of others before yourself. To treat others as more important than yourself. To put others first. This is Jesus’ gentle way of loving and it can be our way as well.

Activity: Discuss ways we could be gentle and humble today, remembering to put others before ourselves.


Day 3:

Discussion from Grace for Moms:  (These are two separate ideas so might need to be separated into two discussions.)

Titus 3:2 tells us to “be peaceable and considerate, and always be gentle toward everyone.” Does this mean we always have to be quiet? Not at all. There will be times to have crazy fun and there will be times to be gentle and peaceful. God, along with our parents, will help us learn to know when it’s okay be free and spirited and when we need to be gentle or still.

Jesus tells us, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5 The word “meek” means humble or gentle. . .the very attitudes we are talking about this week. A meek person is kind and considerate of others, even when others are mean to him. Meekness describes an outward expression of the gentleness and peace someone holds within their heart. When we have these good attitudes in our heart, they will come out in our behavior and treatment of others and we will show others the gentle love of God. The promise, “for they will inherit the earth” simply means that when we are like Jesus in this way, we are a part of his kingdom – his forever family.

Activity from Thriving Family:

Bring out the first-aid kit (a few bandages and cotton balls) for a make-believe boo-boo mending. Explain that you’re going to pretend you have a scrape on your finger. (You can draw it on with a marker or pen.) Let your child use a soft cotton ball to clean your “wound,” and then help him apply a bandage. Give hints or suggestions when needed, and compliment your first-aid helper when he’s finished. Talk about how gentleness is important, especially when someone is hurting. Ask your preschooler how it feels when his brother, sister or playmate is not gentle with him.

Together, come up with other times when you would want to be gentle. This might be when petting a kitty, hugging a baby, touching a flower or playing with siblings and friends. Explain that each time he is gentle, he is showing how Jesus cares for others..

Karen Schmidt


Wrap up from Grace for Moms:


1. Jesus’ gentle love teaches us to be gentle with our attitude and actions.

2. There is a time to be spirited and a time to be gentle. God will help us know which one to choose in every situation.

3. When we are gentle, peace-filled and considerate of others we show God’s love.

Pray this Prayer:

God, thank you for your gentle love. As we grow to know and love you more, help us to fill our hearts with this type of love so that we can share it with others. Help us to know when to have crazy fun and when to be gentle and peaceful. Show us ways we can bless others with gentle attitudes and actions this week. We love you. Amen.


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