Tot Camp 2015 – Week 6 – Goodness



We’re working our way through the fruit of the spirit, remembering that things are attributes of God that he first shows us and that he grows in us through his spirit. This week, we’re focusing on goodness.

**As a reminder, most of my ideas are taken from this blog, which has a great devotional thought for moms at the beginning of the post. (It’s especially good this week, so check it out!) I also love the way this blogger opens up her lessons with an intro and closes them with three main points and a prayer, so those pieces always come from this blog. I also took great activity ideas from this blog. (And then sometimes I added my own ideas in parentheses.)**

Also, every day we practice our unit memory verse with this video.

And then we add a memory verse specific to the fruit of the spirit for that week.

“Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good. Be good friends who love deeply…” Romans 12:9-10

Day 1: 

Discussion from Wind in a Letterbox:

Discussion: Talk about what ‘good’ means to your child. Explain that ‘good’ is not related to what you do, but what you are. Read the Creation story. Explain that we are good because we have been created by (a good) God.

(Remind them that before sin entered the world, everything was good because God had created it, and HE was good. Now that sin is part of our world, the world is broken, but we can still see glimpses of God’s goodness through his redemption, which comes through Jesus. He is renewing all things, including us, to better reflect his goodness.One day, when he returns, he will make ALL things new and good again!)

Activity: Creation collage – make a collage of the good things that God has created. (using magazine pictures)

If there’s extra time:

Activity: Give your children a blank sheet of paper and some finger paint, and let them create their masterpieces.

Discussion: Ephesians 2:10. Why have we been created? To do the good works that God has planned for us to do. (And we can only do good works because of God, who is good.)

Day 2:

Discussion from Grace for Moms:

Discussion: Matthew 12:35 says, “A good person* produces good things from the treasury of a good heart.” Think about a treasure box filled with all sorts of good things. Maybe it’s the prize box at school or church. Maybe it’s your toy chest at home. Or maybe it’s your piggy bank filled with shiny coins you are saving. That treasure has been saved and is ready to be shared at any time. Goodness is a treasure that you keep in your heart so that it’s ready to be shared with those who need it. (*And remind them that God puts that goodness in their hearts and helps them share it! We can’t be good people on our own!)

Activity: Grab an old shoe box or other cardboard box and decorate your own treasure box. Write down ways that God has been good to you and your family on small strips of paper and put them in the box. Now write down ways you can be good to others – your parents, siblings, family and friends – and put those in the box as well. Keep your goodness treasure box in a place you can see it as a reminder of God’s goodness and how you can be good to others.


Day 3:

Discussion from Grace for Moms:

Discussion: Read Psalm 23 together. Talk about the goodness of God as it is expressed in this scripture. Read line by line and share the different ways God is good to us. He gives us rest and strength. He leads and guides. He protects and comforts. He brings countless blessings. The verse ends with “surely your goodness and unfailing {or never-ending} love will follow me all the days of my life.” Discuss how God’s love and goodness will never leave us. On good days and bad days, one thing remains the same. . .God is good. This is his character. It is who he is. He does not change, even when it seems things aren’t going our way.

Activity from Wind in a Letter Box:

Activity: Make sheep masks, remembering that Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and we are his sheep! (John 10:1-20)

Wrap up from Grace for Moms:


1. No matter what we are going through, we can be sure that God is good and will never change.

2. As we walk with God and enjoy his goodness, we will begin to be an example of his good character.

3. The more we treasure goodness (God) and keep it on our heart, the more we can share with others.


Pray this Prayer:

God, thank you for your incredible goodness. We can see it in our lives every single day. May good character plant itself deeply into our hearts and grow as we walk with you. Help us to show others goodness through loving and serving well. We love you. Amen.

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