May 2015 Tot School Recap

May was a busy month, and although it only had two letters, we’re just now finishing up! We made it through the whole alphabet, numbers 1-10, many shapes, and basic colors. We still have some reviewing to do, so we’re going to save those activities to do sometime throughout the summer. (Separate post coming soon!)

As a reminder, here’s a link to the calendar and the first week of May plans that we used this month. (We learned Y, Z, yellow, rectangles, and the number 8.)

Fairley seemed super interested in writing her name properly, so this month, I printed out some name handwriting practice sheets from this website, and we made a little “book.” She loves practicing writing her name.

My mom also ordered us some ladybug larvae to extend our learning this month. Last year, we watched caterpillars turn in to butterflies, so this year, we reviewed that life cycle, and we’re also learning about the life cycle of a ladybug. They just arrived last week, so we’ll post more pictures about their metamorphosis in our summer update post.

But until then – check out the fun pictures from all we did in Tot School this month!




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