Fifteen Months with Little Buddy

2015-06-06 18.40.28

Hi Buddy,

You’re 1.25 years old now! You are able to communicate more and more every day (and your will gets stronger with each passing day, too, I think.) You’re a super sweet guy, but you also know what you want. You love snuggles and hugs and kisses, but you are also super fierce and determined. I love seeing your personality continue to grow. I also love being able to communicate with you more. You keep me on my toes, little man, but I love it! Here are a few noteworthy happenings this month:

  • My favorite thing you do right now is call for me. After I run in the mornings, I’ll buzz our apartment. You hear me through the intercom, and then you run to the door and scream, “Mama!” until I make it all the way up the stairs. Then you run out and greet me. I melt every time.
  • Every time we sit down to eat, you fold your hands, ready to sing our prayer. (Oftentimes, you have reminded me to pray for our food!)
  • You have been obsessed with finding yours and other people’s belly buttons. The problem was that, for awhile, you couldn’t find yours (since you have a little bit of a belly). You finally found it, and now you walk around with your shirt up a lot of the time. You also like to go, “Zzz!” to anyone’s belly button who will let you.
  • New words: “bubba” (bubble), “nana” (banana), “dat” (that), “bleh” (for yucky things), “di-der” (diaper), “nigh-nigh” (night-night), nuh uh (which you use even when you mean yes), something that means “out,” and something that means “Tonya.” You can also beat your chest and make a gorilla sound.
  • One day you signed, “please” and asked for “dat.” And then to convince me, you added in some kisses and continued begging.
  • You know your eyes, toes, nose, belly button, and probably a few other body parts.
  • You love the books, Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Baby Faces.
  • You love throwing balls.
  • You love singing, “Open, Shut Them” (especially the part with “creep them, crawl them…”)
  • You love to knock on doors now.
  • You learned a part of a Bible verse Fairley was learning. You found your heart and would touch your heart while you said your version of that word.
  • You pretend now. You like to pretend to put on my chapstick. You take care of and feed baby. You “clink” coffee glasses with Daddy. You also love to pretend to lay down and take a nap.
  • You learned to blow your nose. And to blow things like candles and feathers.
  • You love walking around carrying things, and sometimes (or a lot of times) that means you carry around Fairley’s pink purses.

You have such a personality!!! I love being your Mommy and watching you grow every day. I’m praying that you would know who God is, what he has done for you in Jesus, and who he has made you to be through Jesus.



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