Fair”isms” – Vol 3.25



After you turned three, I finally stopped doing monthly updates, but you just say and do so many things that I want to remember, so I’ll have to keep doing quarterly updates for the rest of your life I guess!

Here are a few things you have said or done that I just want to remember about you at this stage:

  • You came out and told me you had a dream that you were swimming with no swimsuit. I said, “You were swimming naked?!” You looked appalled and said, “NO! With my clothes on!”
  • One day Tessa was playing and you girls were comparing the color of your arms. You have lighter skin, and she has darker skin, but you said that you both have skin, so you lifted up your arm and yelled, “Skin power!”
  • You’ve started writing a lot since you turned three. I didn’t even know you could do it, and one day, you were making a birthday card for Hudson and just started sounding out and writing his name! You like to make things perfect though, so we’re working on doing the proper strokes now.
  • We talk about how we should give our seats on the bus to the elderly and disabled. Then you started pointing out “the elderly” on the bus…
  • This Easter, you really seemed to start to get the idea of Jesus dying for you, so much that it brought you to tears several times. I pray that you truly understand his sacrifice for you and the love that compelled him to go to the cross to redeem you.
  • GiGi said she didn’t feel well. You said, “I hope you don’t have leprosy. Do you know what that is? It’s when your skin blisters and falls off, and you don’t even know it.” Speaking of leprosy, Naaman is your favorite Bible story right now.
  • You’ll often tell me that you are big. You’re a “ten year old grader.”
  • I was trying to get you to wear something nice one day, and you said, “No, I think I’ll just stick with a T-shirt for today.”
  • You made up your own knock-knock joke that ended with, “Orange you glad I didn’t say J.D.?”
  • My heart was all smiles one night. From the other room, I heard you ask, “Why is Jesus talking about himself?” Cue Daddy’s explanation of the Trinity. Then, I sat and listened to you repeat The Lord’s Prayer (in Jesus Storybook Bible language, no less). Then, I heard you say, “I wish we could hear God talking back to us. Like maybe with speakers in our ceiling.”
  • Emma taught you how to play the princess game, where one person describes a princess and the other guesses. One time you said, “She has brown hair and is small.” I guessed Belle. You said, “No, ME!”
  • You also love to play the “stranger” game. It’s so fun. Sometimes we practice what to do if you get lost from Mommy and Daddy. You’ve practiced this so many times you learned my phone number! You also like to practice sharing the gospel though. It goes like this:

F: Hi!

Stranger: Hi!

F: Do you know Jesus?

S: No…

F: He’s holy.

S: Like a hole in your shirt?

F: No, perfect and pure. But you’re not holy. You’re a sinner.

S: Oh…(One time Daddy asked if he had any hope. You said, “Nope, you have no hope.” We quickly reminded you of Jesus, so now this scenario ends differently and you are able to share the gospel.)

  • You have actually even had me stop construction workers on the street to tell them that God is holy and he loves them.
  • One day we were playing subway, and I was eating something. You said, “It’s not a dining car!” (which is what it says in the subway ads that list the subway courtesy rules.)
  • After Mother’s Day, you asked if we could have “kiddos day” where we tell our kiddos how much we love them! I hope we do that every day!
  • We were sitting by the Harlem Meer in the park, and we heard a sound. I wasn’t sure what it was, but you said, “Maybe it’s a duck tooting in the water.”
  • J.D. got yogurt all over himself one day, and I called you over and said, “Look at J.D. This is so funny.” You said, “Oh, that is funny. And adorable.”
  • One time you didn’t feel well, and you couldn’t have sweets. A few days later, you were feeling better. You said, “I used to be electric to sweets. But now I am not electric to sweets.”
  • We were packing up to go to the Poconos with some good friends over Memorial Weekend, and you said, “This is going to be the best vacation of my wildest dreams!”
  • In the van, Mommy was sitting in the backseat and couldn’t really buckle up. You pleaded, “Mommy, please buckle up! It’s the safest way!”
  • I was packing up baby clothes and you asked why. I said we probably won’t have any more babies in our family. You were super sad, and said, “Please more babies! Ten more babies!”
  • One time you told me that Pirate’s Booty (cheese snack) is the booties of Pirates with cheese.
  • We’re learning the fruit of the spirit, and when we were learning love, you cleaned up the apartment for me and told me that it was because you loved me. And you loved me because God loved you first.
  • One night we were taking pictures, and you were making sad faces so I kept asking you to smile. Then you were taking a picture, and Miss Tonya made a sad face, and you got so upset and said, “Tonya, you are OFF the picture team!”
  • One time you said that Tot School is the “best school in the universe!” (I think it was the day we took a field trip to the Bronx Zoo.) Emma is back this summer for Tot Camp, which has been really fun! You love having friends to play with!
  • You also started taking a dance and theater class, and you love it. One day you were riding the buggy board, and you were bouncing. I asked you to stop bouncing, and you said, “It’s not a bounce. It’s a plie.”
  • GiGi and Big Dad visited this month, and you had so much fun! One day, you guys ended up in Central Park, and you walked to the top of a hill and looked down and saw a carnival. You said, “GiGi, a festival! I can’t believe my eyes!”
  • That night you said, “I was hoping we’d have a good day for GiGi and Big Dad, but this was a GREAT day!”
  • Your friend Amina had been out of town, so when you saw her again at church, you were so happy! You guys held your arms up against each other, and she said you had different skin. And then you said, “But we have the same arms!” And then you sang a song about how we are all different but part of the same church.
  • Your love language is definitely touch. You love hugs and cuddles so much.
  • You are also showing signs of a repentant heart. One time, you made a poor choice at church, but you told Mommy about what happened and were able to apologize to your friend later that night.
  • I’ve also seen God grow your empathy and compassion. You are sad when others are sad, and you always try to cheer up other kids on the playground when they are sad. You are also growing a grateful heart. You are remembering to say “thank you” without being reminded. I love seeing God grow these things in you, and I’m praying that you will always have a soft heart, recognizing your need for Him and knowing who you are in Him and how loved you are by Him!

And I LOVE YOU so much, too! You’re the best! I love spending my days with you!




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