14 Months with John D.


Dear John D.,

*That’s what MawMaw and PawPaw call you sometimes.*

You’re 14 months old today!! I forgot a few things last month, so I’ll start with those:

  • You learned to get on and off the couch by yourself.
  • You love “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” You do the motions to both.
  • This month, you started communicating so much more! Many of your words sound similar, but we can tell what you’re saying: out (which you will go and get your jacket, too, so we really understand), I love you (according to Daddy), hot, head, hat
  • Signs: water, please, milk, all done, more, help, thank you, eat, hungry
  • Your separation anxiety has worn off, and you no longer cry when I drop you off at church or Bible study. (Good for your development and for your teachers, but a little sad for Mommy…)
  • One day, randomly you started picking up fries from my lunch and feeding them to me.
  • You can carry and throw away your own diaper.
  • You’re still super snugly and seem to love physical touch.
  • Your sister can make you laugh so hard, and so can your Daddy when he’s chasing you. You can also make people laugh a lot. I think it’s such a gift.
  • I told you one time that there was a train “up ahead.” You said, “head” and touched your head immediately.
  • You also love to find and touch your nose, and you’re becoming obsessed with your belly button.
  • One day I said, “Who’s ready for a shopping adventure?” You raised your hand! And I’m glad you were up for it because it did really turn out to be an adventure in which we walked a mile to get home with our groceries in tow.
  • You’re a charmer. You give me kisses while signing “please” for something now. (And one time, when I said, “No,” you bit me.)
  • You’ve learned to pray at meals. One day at breakfast, I looked over, and you had folded your hands, reminding ME to pray!
  • You like to stomp now (but for now, only during songs like “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”)

You’re a pretty fun little dude!!! We love you!


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