April Tot School Plans

Below you’ll find links to the plans we’ll be using this month for Tot School. As always, these great plans come from my friend, Liz, at Twinsane in the Membrane. I can’t believe we only have two months left with this great curriculum! (If you didn’t get in on the beginning, you could always scroll back and start with her first posts. I would wait and start up in the fall so that the themes match the seasons, though.)

Here’s a link to the calendar for April.

Here’s a link to the post for the first week of April plans.

And here are the well-laid out objectives!



I also want to do a little more with plants because I loved this unit when I taught kindergarten, and Fairley already seemed to interested in plants when I pulled out my old plant unit books. Here are a few ideas:

-Planting a lima bean seed and watching it grow.

-Making a picture diagramming the parts of a flower.

-Learning about osmosis by dyeing water and placing celery in it. (The leaves will change to be that color.)

-Maybe asking the gardener at the end of our block if she could help a little in the community garden?

-Or maybe visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden?

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