March 2015 Tot School Plans

It’s March!! This month we’ll be celebrating my little man’s first birthday. I can’t even believe that. We’ll also be traveling to Texas to meet my new niece and spend time with my family. It’s going to be a fun and busy month.

It’s times like these, when I’m trying to plan a first birthday party two weeks after I just did a birthday party for Fairley, and when I’m just out of control busy for whatever other reasons, that I’m super thankful that my friend Liz at Twinsane in the Membrane has done all the work for my tot school planning this year. It keeps us consistent to do at least a few intentional learning activities each week without draining me of all time and brain power to put it all together.

Here are our learning objectives: (Taken from this post.)


Letters: S, T, U

Color: Green

Shape: Pentagon

Number: 5

Themes: Shamrocks and rainbows

I noticed that Easter is not listed as one of the themes this month, so I’ll probably write another post listing out our plans to celebrate Jesus this Easter!! To get you started, here’s a link for Christ-centered Easter books. (Easter is in April, I realize, but it’s the first weekend in April, so we need to start celebrating in March!)


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