Happy 1st Birthday, Little Man!!!!!


John Durden,

Happy Birthday! It seems like you were just born a few weeks ago, so I can’t believe you’ve already been part of our family for one year now, and yet, I can’t picture our family without you in it! We love you so much. This past year has been full of smiles, laughs, milestones, memories, less sleep, but more snuggles, and I wouldn’t trade any of it because it’s all a part of getting to know YOU!

You are a sweet guy. You have a fun personality – lately you’ve been doing more and more silly things to make us laugh. (This morning, you put pancake on your head, for example!) You’re super snuggly and sweet. You’re smart and starting to interact and communicate more and more every day.

Here are a few memories and milestones from this past month:

  • You sign: more, all done, and water. (You LOVE drinking water.)
  • You say: byebye, hi, dada, mama, up (we haven’t heard that in a while), and “hunya” (hungry), and maybe “nana” (banana).
  • You love playing: with cars (you crawl and push them and you put one in the toilet once) and on Fairley’s bed. You like to hit the buttons on her clock and sit and look out the window.
  • You: climb, cruise, stand on your own, and you have taken a few steps! You also love to put your hands on your head. You can also get onto and off of the couch yourself.
  • You love food! You make sweet, contented sounds while you’re eating when you’re really hungry and enjoying a meal.
  • You love reading books, especially lift the flaps and touch and feel or ones with pictures of real babies (and mirrors).
  • Daddy taught you how to play the “bonk!” game, which is a manly game where you bonk your heads together. Now you bonk everything, including your head on the floor, leading to a bloody nose.
  • You love to dance. You’ll bob up and down and nod your head to music anytime it comes on. You also blow sweet kisses.
  • You love singing “The Wheels on the Bus” because you love clapping for “open and shut.” You also love “If You’re Happy and You Know It” because you love to clap your hands and nod your head.
  • You also like to make this little bee sound and tickle us! (Like Daddy does to you!)
  • You have eight teeth – four on top and four on bottom.
  • We missed your one month appointment due to snow, so I’ll have to wait to find out your stats, but you are definitely a growing dude. You’re in 12-18 month clothes now.
  • You had a great birthday party – Monster Style! You enjoyed playing in the “ball pit.” You had a banana cake that you were a little tentative toward at first, but then you dove in.
  • You are super sweet. One day, you were playing, and you just kept crawling up in my lap, giving me a sweet snuggle hug, and then going back to play.
  • You and your sister have a sweet relationship. You’re beginning to interact more, and I’m excited for you to get to play with each other more and more.

You are such a joy, and we are excited and praying we get to spend many more years and celebrate many more birthdays with you! We love you!!!


Mommy and Daddy

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