February 2015 Tot School Recap with Pics

Here are some pictures from our last month in Tot School: (Click on gallery to see in full size.)


Once again, we followed the well-laid plan from my friend, Liz, at Twinsane in the Membrane. Plans are in this post.

I planned to include J.D. a little more this month, so he did a few sensory activities with us. I am still hoping to include him more and more every month.

The objectives we covered this month are listed below:

Letters: P, Q, R
Color: Pink
Shape: Heart
Number: 7
Themes: Valentine’s Day, quarters, pennies

Verse: 1 John 4:19

Family Activity: I also bought little mailboxes for both kids so that every night when they are in bed, I could deliver a “love note” for them to find every morning! Fairley loved this and would ask for her note if/when I forgot to leave one.

Here are some Bible verses I used.

And also, here and here are some sweet valentines.

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