JDizzle – 11 Months



You are one month shy of being one year old! Your personality is coming out more with each passing day, and I’ll just say that I am falling more in love with you every day, too! You’re a super fun dude, and you’re super snuggly and lovey, too. (I’m sure you’ll be so embarrassed to read this one day when you’re older – sorry!) Ok, let’s get to a few of the milestones and memories from this month:

  • I’m starting with my favorite which happened last night. Background: You try to climb on everything now. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for me to walk into the kitchen and find you at the stop of the step stool, banging proudly on the microwave. (Well, it wasn’t until I realized this ability, and now I have to watch you like a hawk.) You also like to climb from Fairley’s chair on to the couch, and sometimes you try to get up on her ironing board. One day, I was singing to Fairley before naptime, and you ended up on the bed right behind me. So last night, Fairley was on the couch, and I handed her her snack through the little window. She sat down and started eating it, and I snuck a few Cheez-its in for my snack, too. I was just standing there, looking through the kitchen window into the living room, happily eating my Cheez-its when your little face popped right up into the window. You had gotten on the couch yourself, climbed over to the window, stood up on the couch, and found me to say a little, “hello!” It was the cutest/most terrifying thing ever!
  • You’re loving reading now. You really enjoy flaps and touch and feel books. One time we were reading, and I had to stop to do something else, and you burst into tears! Your favorite books are Baby Faces, 8 Silly Monkeys, I See a Monster, Pat the Zoo, and Where Is Spot? There’s one part in the Spot book that makes you giggle every time. (“Is Spot in the box? No, no, no!”)
  • You were doing this type of “shaking your hands” dance thing that I later realized might have been you saying, “All done.”
  • You love bath time, and you’re getting better (sometimes) about obeying and sitting down to bathe.
  • You’re a super cruiser, and you’ll stand on your own for a second or two. You’re starting to be interested in taking a few steps holding our fingers.
  • Your favorite songs are “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “The Wheels on the Bus.” You love to clap your hands for “the doors on the bus go open and close” during “The Wheels on the Bus.”
  • You love nodding and shaking your head! (You don’t really know how to use them as “yes” and “no” yet; you just like to do it!)
  • You say this word a lot: “Adda!” We have no idea what it means yet…
  • You give SO many kisses. You’re super snuggly and sweet. And I think I saw you trying to blow a kiss last night, too!
  • You learned to clap this month, and you were SO proud of yourself!
  • You grew another bottom tooth!
  • I still don’t know your weight and height, but I think you’re getting super tall! When I weighed you on our scale, you were about twenty pounds. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but we’ll see next month when we visit Dr. G. for your ONE YEAR APPOINTMENT! You’re in the same clothes size as last month but moving into more of the 12 month things.
  • Your schedule is the same, and you’ve stretched out your naps a bit. You’re still an early riser, but you’re at least waiting until the 6 AM hour now.

You are such an active, sweet, charming, smart, fun little guy, and we love you!



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