Happy 3rd Birthday, Fancy Fairley!



You are now THREE years old! The night before your birthday, you told me, “I’m 3 now, so I can go on my own. I don’t need you anymore.” Ouch!!! I know it’s not true, and I’m so glad to continue walking through life with you, while also remembering that all of parenting is letting go. So I’ll hold you close, love you, lead you, and pray that you also learn to start doing more and more things on your own (which you are already doing with each passing day).

So here are a few notable moments from this past month:

  • After pretending to be Goldilocks buzzing to come in, we’re walking up the stairs, and you said, “So glad you let me in this time. Last time i just let myself in while you weren’t here.”
  • You were pretending to be a mommy having her baby. You were pushing herself around in the wheelchair, and you said, “I know something that hurts more. A booboo.” I said, “Hurts more than what?” and you said, “Than walking after having a baby.” HA! We’ll see about that in 25 years…
  • I told you about a friend whose dad had an important doctor’s appointment. After I explained it to you, you said, “Can you pray for that? That sounds important.”
  • One afternoon, you were supposed to be taking a nap. I told you not to look out the window at the snow, but I came in and you were staring out your window. (You also have a cotton ball sheep on your window.) I said I had told you not to look at the snow. You said you weren’t watching the snow. You were looking at your sheep. Smarty pants…
  • You are such an encourager. You cheer J.D. on lots of times, and you encourage Mommy a lot (especially after I spend all evening cooking a meal that doesn’t turn out the right way.) One time, you just kept complimenting and complimenting me for it. It made my heart so happy, and I knew you were doing it to cheer me up.
  • You’re also very empathetic. Mommy got hurt after falling on the ice, and you were so sad with me. You kept saying, “I don’t know what my problem is.” (But I knew that you were expressing empathy for Mommy, who you don’t usually see crying.)
  • Eva’s great grandmother is sick, and you were asking me why she was passing away. We talked about growing older and dying and also going to be with Jesus. I explained that I bet she was happy to be in Heaven soon. You said, “But Eva is sad.” You were really able to think about how your friend must be feeling.
  • You’ve missed Eva a lot this month. You one time prayed, “Dear God, we are crying out to you to bring Eva back to us.”
  • You were writing valentines for people and said for J.D.’s, “There’s your Valentine’s Day. Thanks for being my brother.”
  • You made a valentine for Daddy from Eric. I asked which Eric, and you said, “The one who takes care of Reece and Elliott.” (their dad – ha!)
  • You’ll often tell us you’d like to be “part of the conversation.” You also told me one time that J.D. was sad because he’d like to be part of the conversation, too.
  • “Stand clear of the closing doors, please!” is what we often here in the train. You asked one time why they said it in a Texan voice, which I’ve wondered for years!
  • One day, you were very serious, and said,”If you drop something, leave it!” (Another thing we often hear on the train)
  • “Mommy, are you crestfallen?” (You know lots of fancy words!)
  • You taught your BSF class to sing our blessing song that we sing before each meal.
  • You’ll often tell me, “I love spending time with you.” (The feeling is mutual.)
  • “I’m Fairley, the instruction worker!” (While holding your tool box… = construction worker, ha!)
  • “No worries!”
  • “OH, I get it!”
  • One time you passed gas, and Daddy said, “That was a long toot.” You looked at him and said, “Indeed.”
  • Before your party, I told you I needed to work while you took a nap. You didn’t want to take a nap, so you said you would help me. I told you I needed to clean the whole house. You said, “That’s not a hard job.” Ok…
  • J.D. was trying to get into the bathroom (where he gets into all kinds of trouble). You stopped him and said, “No going in there.” He looked at you and laughed (as he does to me, too), and you said, “No laughing, J.D. This is SERIOUS!”
  • At the end of your party, you started cleaning up. You said, “I’m going to start cleaning up. People are leaving now.” Ha, wonder where you got that?!
  • You came home from BSF one day singing all the words to a beautiful hymn, “I Am Jesus Little Lamb.”
    • I am Jesus’ little lamb,
      Ever glad at heart I am;
      For my Shepherd gently guides me,
      Knows my need, and well provides me,
      Loves me every day the same,
      Even calls me by my name.

You are such a smart, loving, fun, imaginative, beautiful, creative, helpful girl. Mommy loves you with all of my heart. Happy 3rd Birthday!



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