November 2014 Tot School Recap


You guys – this is going to be brief. This month completely FLEW by! Freeman and I were gone for a week, my parents visited for a week, we had Thanksgiving, etc. Between all of these things and J.D.’s 5 AM waking, which pushed his naps up so early that he was awake during Tot School,  we didn’t do as much this month. But that’s ok! I’m just glad for the few things we did get to do. Here’s what did go down:

Most ideas from – Twinsane in the Membrane . You can access her November calendar here.  And you can see her November plans here.

This month’s objectives (learning goals) are:

Letters: Gg, Hh, Ii (We had to save Ii for December!)

Color: Brown

Shape: Star

Number: 2

Themes: Turkeys, Thanks, Water

Thankfulness Advent –

I decided I would try this one. – Next year, I want to incorporate a visual, like a thankfulness tree, to help us remember to do one every day.

Turkey Baster Water Table- Place 2 pans on a table. Fill one pan halfway with water. (You could also add some food coloring!) Give your child a large turkey baster. Demonstrate how to use a baster. Tell your child that the game is to transfer water from one pan into the other pan using the baster. This is excellent practice for developing fine motor skills!
Fall Sensory Bin – popcorn kernels, pumpkin seeds, leaves, acrylic apples, acorns, pine cones, etc.
Felt Turkey (like the jack-o-lantern)
Pony Bead Necklaces – Just stringing pony beads to make a necklace. Great fine motor practice, and Fairley loved it!
“Turkey Jake”- a FAVORITE!!
(to the tune of “Tiny Tim”)
I had a BIG FAT turkey,
His name was Turkey Jake.
I put him in the oven,
To see if he would bake.
He drank up all the butter (slurping sound)
He ate the stuffing, too. (nomnomnom)
I opened up the oven,
And out the turkey flew!! (With crazy flapping arms!)

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