Happy 8 Months, Little Buddy!



You are eight months old today!! And this month has brought about a lot of new things in your life. For one, you seem like an overall happier guy. I’m not sure if it’s being able to sit up to play, army crawl to explore your surroundings, or the fact that you LOVE to eat solid foods. Whatever it is, you’re a happy little dude! Here are a few highlights from the month:

  • You went to the doctor this month for the last part of your flu shot, and she went ahead and did your 9 month check up early. You weigh 17.6 pounds, and you are 28 inches long. Then the doctor said we don’t have to go back to see her until you are one year old!
  • You still wear size 3 diapers, and you are rocking mostly 9 month clothes now.
  • You started army crawling this month, and you are getting up on all fours, looking ready to start really crawling. Either way, you get around quickly now!
  • You love crawling to the piano and making music!
  • You started giving very sweet open mouth kisses!
  • You can sit and play independently for a much longer time than ever before. You really like being able to sit up.
  • You know how to wave now. You kind of lift and shake your hand to say “hi” and “bye.” And one time, you said (at the right time), “bye bye.”
  • You bounce a lot. Sometimes, you’ll just be sitting there playing, and I see you start to do a happy bounce. It might be because I bounced you a lot during the first few months of your life to keep you happy while you pretty much lived in the carrier.
  • Doodle Bug is a new favorite nickname, given by Papa Tay when he babysat you and Fairley one night.
  • You reach out for me now, which warms my heart. But you’ll also go to other people, too, which is great!
  • You are very, very verbal. You babble a lot!
  • The other day you burped and then laughed. Such a boy!
  • You are great at mimicking. We have a great video of you singing the “Ariel” song with Fairley. You also mimic my cough sometimes!
  • One of your favorite toys is the pop up toy we have. You can even push them back down.
  • Today you were looking at yourself in the mirror and then laughing and giving yourself kisses.
  • You pulled up in your crib today!

As you can see, you are changing a lot. And your first birthday is sneaking up on me already!! I love you so very much and am so glad that you are in our family.



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