32 Months for Fairley Anne



Fairley Anne,

The monthly task on my phone got set out for January, and you know Mommy can’t remember anything without a reminder, so I’m a week late on this one. Oops! It’s been a busy and fun month, and here are some things I want to remember:

  • You have been spontaneously praying a lot these days. You’ll remind me to pray for food if I forget, or you’ll just do it on your own. You used to be more hesitant to pray during family prayer times, but now you’re more willing. I know God loves hearing you talk to him.
  • We’ve started children’s worship at church, and you learned the song “Great I Am.” I love hearing you sing it. It’s also one of Mommy’s favorite songs, so I have a beautiful memory of us singing it together in church.
  • I asked you one day what’s something that makes you happy, and you quickly said, “The sun.” (Praying we can find joy through the upcoming winter!)
  • We had some struggles this month with having you stay in your “big girl” bed at night, especially after we moved your brother in to your room. I’m glad to report that you are doing MUCH better now, but one night, I was talking to you about it and said, “You need to submit to authority. You need to obey Mommy and Daddy. It’s considerate of your brother to be quiet and stay in your room…” You just looked at me and said, “That was a lot of words.”
  • “My body is telling me that a kiss is coming, and I want to give it to YOU!”
  • When you were trying to ring a bell by our bed that didn’t have the ringer in it anymore, you said, “It doesn’t ring! Maybe it is out of batteries.”
  • It’s starting to get darker earlier, and one night, coming home from church, we walked by Red Rooster, a restaurant with Christmas lights. I guess you hadn’t been outside in the dark in a while, and you definitely hadn’t seen Christmas lights for sometime. You were so excited, and you ran around screaming, “Happy Christmas Day!”
  • You said the butterfly on our Minnie Mouse blanket was a “cheese” butterfly (and I looked to see why – it did have holes that made it look like Swiss cheese.)
  • One day, you told me that “During my sabbaf, I wrote ‘Love Mommy. Love God.'”
  • One morning after staying in bed, you asked Daddy to watch a show. He said, “No.” You said, “Because I did such a great job staying in my bed last night, can I watch a show?”
  • Ethan loves playing with your Frozen phone. You know that, so one day, when he came over to play, you were playing with it, but you immediately stopped and brought it over to Ethan because you knew he liked it and wanted to share with him.
  • You like to sing – loudly – on the bus. So far, you have sung, “Let My People Go” from our BSF study on Moses and “This Is the Day.” You also continuously yelled the name of Jesus very loudly during our shopping time in Aldi. I wasn’t exactly sure if I should stop you or let you carry on.
  • One night, Uncle Owen and the family were over visiting. Uncle O was reading to you, and he said “steeped” instead of “stepped” and you made sure to let him know the correct word. You, your daddy, and your uncle were laughing hysterically after that.
  • A couple of times now, I have seen you just walk around the apartment and put things back in their places. You’ll do it while saying, “I’m helping my family.” So sweet!!
  • You’re continuing to learn so much. You still love dressing up, reading (especially Fancy Nancy books), helping with your brother, and playing with friends. You are starting to sound out words and can squish some back together, too. You’re starting to show lots of interest in being able to “read the words” by yourself. You also love packing bags, playing pretend, painting with water colors, and doing “tot school.” You also love to climb things at the playground and to walk all by yourself when we go places now.

You are a super fun girl, and I am SO glad that I get to be your Mommy!!

Love you!


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