J.D. – Happy Half-Birthday!

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You are half a year old today, and I can’t even believe it! (Well, I can because yesterday we visited your brand-new baby cousin, Grayson, and you looked like a baby giant next to such a teensy weensy little baby.) I’ve had several reminders like this lately – about how you are growing up so quickly! I’m excited though, because I remember how with your sister, that six months kind of marked the beginning of so many fun milestones happening so quickly! I’m ready for a whirlwind of change with you, little man! Before then, though, here’s where we are now and some information from this past month:

  • You are now sitting up (assisted), but we are practicing for you to be able to do it on your own soon, too! You can roll over well, and you’re practicing rolling back over to your back with finesse (and not banging your head on our hard wood floor every time). I keep thinking once you get that down, you’ll start rolling around our apartment with some purpose.
  • You are also kicking your legs and starting to push up, so we’ll see if you start trying to crawl soon.
  • This month, you got to spend some time with both of your cousins close to your age. Your interactions were interesting. You cried in terror both times. Ansley would merely make a little chirping sound (or look at you), and you would burst in to tears! You also cried furiously when Grayson let out a little cry. I’m beginning to think that you are a very sympathetic baby and cry along with your buddies. (We began Bible Study Fellowship today, and it was your first day in your “class,” and I witnessed your sympathy cries happening there, too.)
  • You enjoyed your first swing ride during a family play time in Central Park!
  • You also rode upright in the double stroller (behind Fairley), but you didn’t seem to mind. You looked around the whole ride (and fell asleep happily on the walk home).
  • You can pass toys back and forth and also bring them to your mouth with ease.
  • You are starting to babble sounds like “mama.”
  • You are starting to enjoy books more. You really like songs, too. Fairley loves having “storytime” with you, where we sing songs and read books. Your favorite songs are “The More We Get Together” and “If You’re Happy.”
  • I think I’m beginning to see you start to reach for me. And it warms my heart. You also got so excited when you would see my wedding pictures at GiGi and Big Dad’s house. I hate this term, but I think you may be a mama’s boy (in a good way).
  • You have an infectious laugh (that sounds like your daddy).
  • You’ve moved to a four-hour schedule. You wake between 6 and 7 and eat, play, nap, eat again between 10 and 11, play, nap, eat around 3, play, cat nap, and go to bed in the 7:00 hour. We dropped the dream feed (cold turkey), but you did great! Your naps aren’t always the best, but as a second child who’s always on-the-go, I can’t blame you.
  • You usually wake up happy, kicking and talking.
  • You love bouncing – in people’s laps or in the jumper we have on your door.
  • We’re having serious talks about moving you into your sister’s room soon (but you still fit in the Moses basket so we’re holding out as long as we can).
  • You love chewing your toes. You actually love chewing everything. You don’t take a paci anymore, but you do gnaw on it. I’m assuming we’ll see teeth soon, but you never know with these things.
  • You are about to move out of size 2 diapers (after I finish up this HUGE box I recently received). You’re moving out of 3-6 month clothes (and even straight-up six month clothes, too.) Soon, I’ll have to change over all your clothes due to size and season.
  • I’m so curious about your height and weight. You have a doctor’s appointment next Monday, so we’ll see where you land. I do know, though, that you currently weigh more than your nine-month old cousin, Ansley. Most people are surprised that you’re only six months old when I tell them, but I don’t think you’re actually a giant baby.
  • We’re gearing up to start feeding you solid foods soon, and although I’m not really ready, I can tell you are! I am excited to see you enjoy food, though. I have no doubt that you will be a good eater. It runs in this family.

You are such a sweet, fun baby, and I love you! Happy half birthday!



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