A New Season in Tot School

So Tot School in our home has evolved as our family has grown and changed. We began two years ago (WOW! Time flies!) when Emma came as our first student. Fairley and Emma enjoyed over a full year together doing tot school activities, and then as we prepared to welcome J.D., our time with Emma lessened (which was sad, but we still get to see her a lot, which is great). Fairley and I continued to do tot school activities as much as we could while J.D. was a newborn. It didn’t happen as much as I would have liked, but I was grateful for any time that Fairley and I got to spend together doing Tot School.

Now, we have a new friend joining us for some Tot School fun! Ethan will be hanging out with us on Thursdays, and he and Fairley will get to do “school” together on those days, and Fairley and I will try to do some activities together throughout the rest of the week. (Although, we are also attending BSF on one day of the week, and our family sabbaths on Fridays, so it might be a little more challenging to get in all the tot school that I’d really want to do. This is where I’m just trusting God that He has helped us make choices in our family. I can live in faith, and not fear, that our time spent attending Bible study, spending time with friends on play dates, visiting family, playing at the park, etc., etc. is just as important as our time in “school” and that Fairley’s success in education, although influenced by, is not solely dependent upon how many hours we log doing Tot School.)

I am also trying to learn to not build my identity or my righteousness upon the things that I do as a mom, but rather, upon who I am as a daughter of God through Christ and his sacrifice for me. I think that my flesh wants to “put in the time” doing the plans and implementing tot school activities because I think this makes me a “good mom” (although I know in my head that this is not true, but it’s still something that I struggle with). All that to say, I’m happy to start off our year using a “curriculum” that my friend, Liz, has created for her girls and is sharing with others for free. I’m going to use this as my base, and then when and if I have time to supplement and differentiate the plans for our learning, I will! (But I’m also SUPER excited to have some consistency with the whole year’s plans already laid out!) You can check out her blog here.

So that was a lengthy little update on life, and below are some pictures from our first day with Ethan! Ethan enjoyed exploring our space, and the kids enjoyed getting to know one another, playing together at the playground near our apartment, and  a name scavenger hunt. (The idea for the hunt came from this blog.)  We all had a great first day, and we’re all looking forward to more tot school fun!

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