J.D. – 5 months



John Durden,

Sweet little man. You are now five months old. My heart almost can’t even stand it – the fact that you are close to half a year old now. And you are acting so much older these days. It’s like you’ve become so much more interactive and interested in the world around you overnight! I absolutely love your sweet personality, your charming smile, and your infectious laugh. You are a joy. That’s for sure!!! Here’s an update from this past month:

  • You are such a roller. You love going from your back to your tummy, and you don’t mind staying there (for awhile).
  • You love looking at things with complete concentration. You especially love my watch, colorful items, and clear water bottles.
  • You are really grasping things well, including your paci. You can take it out, but you can’t quite put it back in yet. You also seem to be experimenting with sucking your thumb.
  • You love pictures of other babies. It makes you smile and laugh.
  • You also love looking at yourself in the mirror.
  • You also love to grab at faces. You love the game, “Are you getting my nose?!”
  • You seem to be super ticklish, and I love this. Our good friend, Amy Pierson, prayed that you would be because she thinks it’s so fun to have a ticklish baby. And it is.
  • You are a big talker. You make all sorts of fun sounds these days.
  • You are still wearing 6 month clothes, but some fit better than others (because some are already too short for you!)
  • You are still on a 3-hour feeding schedule mostly just because I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around pushing you to a new schedule. One day. You still sleep from dream-feed to around 7 AM, so I’m pleased with that. (And still in the Moses basket in the tub…we have a few things we need to change up around here…)
  • You are completely weaned from the swaddle and now rock a sleep sack (which looks like, but is not, a dress.)
  • You have the strongest legs. You like to stand up in our laps all the time. I’m thinking you might be a little earlier with the crawling and walking than your sister was (which I am SO not even ready to think about!)
  • I can carry you on my hip now, which makes you feel SO big to me. It makes life a tad bit easier, but it reminds me you are growing up so quickly!!!

I love you! I love you! I love you!!!!!!!!!



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