Tot School: Geography

So we are still enjoying some of the activities from our last (America) unit, but I want to go ahead and plan a few little geography activities to throw into the mix. It won’t be much because, honestly, I’ve noticed lately that Tot School activities (and other life stuff) can keep us so busy at home that we don’t get out and enjoy the city as much as I’d like during these “nice weather” months, and I want to get out and about as much as we can before the cold weather comes back again! So, with this unit, we’ll just say that getting out in the city is one of our activities to explore NYC geography. 🙂

Celebrate the 50 States

By Leedy, Loreen(Paperback – 1999 )

How to Make A Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A

By Priceman, Marjorie(Paperback – 2008 )


HarlemA Poem


A Book About Seeing New York City

By Dugan, Joanne, 1961-(Book – 2005 )

The Colors of Us

By Katz, Karen(Book – 1999 )

Madison in New York

By Pataki, Libby(Book – 2004 )

My New York

By Jakobsen, Kathy(Book – 1993 )

New York

By Rodriguez, Cindy(Book – 2013 )

This Is New York

By Sasek, M., 1916-1980(Book – 2003 )


Here are a few other books that my mom sent for our last unit that will also work for this unit. They’re great “American” books.



 Starting with the world and ending with our apartment, Fairley will stack the blocks in order from biggest to smallest.

We are participating in a book exchange in which we sent out one book to another child in Texas, and then we’ll also send out six letters to other children inviting them to participate. We should receive several books in the mail throughout our unit I hope. We’ll find all the places where people live (those we send letters to and those we receive books from) on a US map.
I’m mostly focusing more on American geography, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to introduce continents as well. The website (linked above) has a fun song for teaching them.
NY State Map (to reference)
Coloring Sheets:
-I need to give this one more thought, but some how, I feel like our family samples New York City food really well. 🙂
-Maybe I’ll do a snack tray with pizza, apples, a black and white cookie, and…well, I’ll keep thinking. 🙂
Other resources we are using:
I’m mostly just introducing geography this time around (and the idea of country, state, city, neighborhood, etc.). There are a lot of things that I would want to do with NY geography specifically, so maybe this time next year, we’ll focus on that. Some things I would love to include are:
-NYC magnet or flannel board (with landmarks from the city)
-NYC or NY State discovery bin

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