Fairley – 28 Months


Hi Fair!

This past month has been a blur of activity, but so, so fun! You spent two weeks of this past month in Texas and one week here in NYC with GiGi and Big Dad. Here’s a listing of some of the fun Fairley-isms of this month.

-From last month – I forgot: You were getting distracted and/or dragging your feet while we walked through the park. We told you if you did it again, Daddy would have to carry you. (I apologized to Daddy for that consequence.) You then drug your feet a little more, so Daddy quickly picked you up, and you said, “My consequence is now I don’t have to walk!” Oh dear…you are too smart.

-You picked this up from me (oops) and so now you like to call people, especially your brother, a “silly goose.”

-Today you closed your eyes and said, “I’m going to talk to God.” I said, “Great!” After you opened your eyes, you said, “I just talked to God. He told me to have a good day.”

-Sometimes you sound like a teenager when you say, “Umm, it’s kinda like…” to describe things.

-You named your diver in your underwater set “John the Baptin.”

-Mrs. Shannon came to play with us one day, and you were pretending the couch was the train. Shannon got up to use the restroom, and you yelled, “No, Shannon! That’s not our stop!”

-Daddy was playing basketball with Reid in the pool. He asked if he wanted to play horse and asked who should go first. You promptly said, “I’ll go first. Giddy up! Neigh!”

-Mommy’s wedding ring hasn’t fit since she was pregnant. Then, when I tried to put it back on, it gave my finger a little rash, so I’ve talked often about how I can’t wear it. One day on the train, you said (loudly) to Daddy, “Mommy is sad. She can’t wear her wedding ring anymore.”

-One night at dinner you said, “I got God in my heart.” Then you took a survey asking everyone at the table, “You got God?”

-Big Dad took you to go potty one night after you were already in bed. You were stalling and taking a long time, so Big Dad said he was going to countdown from ten, and then you’d have to go back to bed. You emphatically said, “No, that’s not part of my plan!”

-You got a big girl bed here and at GiGi’s house. At GiGi’s one afternoon, she told you to wait until the clock said “4” before getting up. We put you down around 2. At 2:04, you came out of your room and told your dad you were ready to wake up since the clock said “4.” I guess we should have been more specific…

Fair: Gigi, this is my “yucky” day!

GiGi: Why is it a yucky day, Fairley?

Fair: No, my “yucky” day, Gigi! Because I get to spend it with you!

-At swimming lessons one day, Mrs. Bailey said you were going to play a game where you pretended to drive a car. You said, “We don’t drive a car. We take a yellow cab!”

-The “Taxi” song is my favorite song you sing these days.

-You told Ashley, “This is my GiGi,” and Ashley asked, “Is she not J.D.’s GiGi?” and you said, “No.” She said, “Well, don’t you think if you shared your GiGi with J.D., that would make him smile?” And you said, “I’m his sister. I can make him smile.”

-You took swimming lessons this month, and although it was something that was challenging for you, and you didn’t love going every morning, you still did! You pushed yourself (or we helped a little) to do something that was hard for you, and you did such a great job!! I’m so proud of the way that you persevered and were able to learn some really important skills in swimming.

Sweet girl, I love you so very much and am so, so proud to be your Mommy.





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