27 Months – Fairley Anne

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You are a joy, and we love you so much. Here are some things I want to remember from this past month:

  • One time when we were playing doctor, I was the patient in the waiting room. You knew to call me into the examination room that you needed to call me by name. “Candace Field,” you said. (And I hadn’t even prompted you at all!) So smart!
  • You are so great at narrating life for J.D. You love him and include him in things, always telling him what you are about to do. I pray you two are great friends one day!
  • On my birthday, you sang me the sweetest version of “Happy Birthday” when I first woke up. So sweet.
  • Daddy bought Mommy a yogurt cake for her birthday. He brought it out in the morning. I asked if it was breakfast. You said, “That is not breakfast. That is dessert. That is a cake.”
  • I asked if I could fix your hair one morning. You said, “No, I’m Tangled.” (Because we were about to watch that movie.)
  • One day I was feeding J.D., and he was getting a little fussy as I burped him and also tried to help you put your baby in the stroller. You looked at me and said, “My baby is happy to go for a ride. Your baby is sad.”
  • One day we were talking about something sad that had happened. With hand motions, you told me, “We live in a broken world.”
  • I don’t remember the context but something shocking happened, and in the voice of Amy Pierson, our dear friend, you said, “Oh my word.”
  • One morning we were preparing to go somewhere, I think, and you leaned over and said, “I wanna be with you.” Melted. my. heart.
  • You know that your daddy is your hero. You will call for him like this, “My Heeeeeeeeroooooo!!!” (And he taught you that I am your role model so sometimes you call for me, too.)
  • One day you leaned down and were chatting with J.D. I think you had heard me say this before, but you kept telling him, “Oh! Tell me about it!!”
  • When we’ve disciplined you lately, you’ve asked, “Do you still love me?” and it’s a favorite thing of mine to do as a parent to remind you that there’s absolutely nothing you could ever do that would make me stop loving you, just like our Heavenly Father loves us.
  • “I’m going to go to sleep and dream of God. It will be a good dream.”
  • “God is whispering in my heart that he loves me.”
  • You made up a song all by yourself this month – “Listen to the doggie with the big black ears!”
  • Sometimes you call Daddy “Big Boy.”
  • You call pigs in a blanket pigs with pillows.
  • I was trying hard to put in a new trash bag in our new garbage can. Daddy was coaching me, and when I finished, you said, “That was FANTASTIC! Way to go, Mom!” I love that you have the gift of encouragement, even for the little things.
  • You love Curious George. We read a lot of CG books. In fact, Daddy reads you one every night before bed.
  • You know a lot of your letters and sounds. You can also recognize most of the numbers 1-10.

You’re so much fun!!! We love you!



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