22 Months – Fairley Anne



It’s happening. You are not a baby anymore. But that’s ok. You are my “big girl,” and I love you so much! Here’s a recap of this last month:

  • I love the way you say your name now. You say Fairley with a little extra syllable on the r, making it a three-syllable word. I absolutely love it. You usually refer to yourself this way, but every now and then you will use a few pronouns such as “I” or “me.”
  • You are counting really well (still skipping 6, but we’ll get it). You’re also starting to do well with one-to-one correspondence, at least with small numbers like counting one or two objects. You can sing your ABC’s very well, and you are starting to recognize more letters and remember more sounds. Last week, you correctly matched A-E with their initial sound picture on the refrigerator (with a little help).You also know all of your basic colors now.
  • We are working to help you ask for things instead of demanding. (E.g. “May I have a cookie please?” instead of “COOKIE!”) We were working on this one day, and we told you you could have one cookie. Then you came back into the kitchen a few minutes later and perfectly asked, “May I have another cookie please?” We went ahead and let you have a second cookie for that one. 🙂
  • We are also working on obeying and not running from mommy on the street. The next day after a particularly rough day with this, I saw you get down at your baby’s level while she was in the stroller and adamantly tell her, “No run away from Fairley, baby. Cars knock you over. Hurt you.”
  • You asked your dad for water one day, and he said, “What about some milk?” You yelled, “Even better!” We’ve now used that phrase to help you think about Jesus and how he is “even better” than anything else we could ever want. We even have a little friend named Elfie who brings advent ornaments each day to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. We read the story together for that day, and then you remind Elfie by saying, “Jesus is even better!”
  • While out shopping one day, a store owner was so nice and offered you a free little Barbie doll. You loved her and named her Polly and carried her with you for the rest of our errands that day. Then you fell asleep in the stroller and lost Polly. I went back to look for her, but she had already been adopted by another family. I explained to you that you have lots of things and that it’s ok that you lost Polly because now another child is enjoying playing with her. You were so sweet, didn’t cry, and just said, “Someone else play with Polly now.” God is growing your heart in contentment and generosity. It’s so fun to see (and convicting for Mommy since I could definitely grow more in this area.)
  • One day you stood up on the step stool (your favorite thing to do in the kitchen) and said, “Fairley tall.” I said, “Yes!” You said, “Tall as Papa Tay!”
  • You’ve learned to spell “RED” from a song we like to sing. But now you think everything is spelled “r-e-d.” So you saw my name tag on at church one day, and I asked what it said, and you said,”R-e-d, Mommy.” Of course!
  • You are starting to spell your name, though. Sometimes the letters run together a bit, but you’ve got the gist down for sure.
  • You also like to name and explain the names of other things and people. The first day Emma came over after we decorated for Christmas, you kept telling Emma, “His name SANTA, Emma.”
  • You are experimenting with using pronouns now, and you also use “today” correctly. You also use “yesterday” for anything which has happened in the past, which makes sense to me!
  • My favorite words right now – puppy “gog”, “fork” for fort
  • One night I was putting you to bed and you asked for one more book, Goodnight Ipad. I told you we’d read it in the morning. The next morning I walked in to get you, and you said, first thing, “Read Goodnight Ipad?”
  • Your favorite book right now is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. You actually have it memorized for the most part.
  • You like to sing: The ABC song, “Twinkle, Twinkle,” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “Jesus Loves Me,” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”
  • You were in your first dance performance this month. Theresa Goubran invited you to be an angel at the Gotta Dance Christmas performance, and you were so excited. You made the prettiest little angel, and you weren’t scared at all to be in front of a big audience. I also forgot to write in October’s update that you sang your first solo in church while in Texas. You sang “Jesus Loves Me” on the mic in front of the whole church. You also sang some solos at the Graffiti Toy Sale this month. You are a performer already!
  • You show great problem-solving skills. One day at the playground, an older girl kept moving to block your entrance to the stairs on the playscape. You didn’t say anything but walked around to the side, climbed under the railing, and went up the stairs. You are a problem-solver, for sure!
  • You love your little brother already. You wear a shirt that Aunt Mandy bought you that says, “Big Sister,” and you are so proud to wear it! You always say, “When JD comes!!!” You’ve gone to a few appointments with me, and you love getting to hear his “heart beep.” You’ve felt him move a few times now, and I think you’re not sure what to think about that??
  • My sweetest memory from this month was during our Happy Birthday, Jesus party. We had more than ten kids and their caregivers in our apartment that morning, so it was (fun) chaos as usual. You brought me your Bible and said, “Mommy read Bible?” Of course I would! So we sat down in the middle of the floor and read the Christmas story together during our party. It was such a sweet little time and helped me remember what we were celebrating to begin with! (The prep work/bitterly cold weather made things a little crazy that morning, but I’m so grateful for sweet moments and God’s little reminders of what’s truly important.)

We are so looking forward to celebrating this Christmas with you. You are so aware of everything, and you remember everything we say! (Scary at times!) We are praying that all the beauty of this Christmas points you to the best and most beautiful thing in this world – Jesus.

We love you so much!

Mommy and Daddy

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