Daily Schedule…a work in progress…

A few months ago, I felt like there was a need to create a schedule for our day. Not that our day doesn’t already have a rhythm, but I wanted a way to make sure that I was spending time intentionally playing with the girls/encouraging their learning and not just doing chores all day, or toting them around on errands and to play dates (all of which are good things that do need to happen but just need not be the only things we do in a day). So, I began work on a schedule, but then realized that life happens, nap schedules shift, seasonal changes affect when we’ll want to be outside, etc. So this is definitely a work in progress (and not something I will probably adhere to every day).

8:30 – Emma arrives. Mommy Playtime. (Chore free is the goal.)

(Some days we run our errands first thing in the morning. On these days, we’d do an abbreviated circle time when we get back home.)

8:45 – Continued Mommy Playtime and  Circle Time, including:

-a gross motor activity to start/get the wiggles out

-lots of other silly songs/finger plays

-a book

-a devotional thought from “Thoughts That Make Your Heart Sing”

-reviewing our verse for the month and a prayer to start our day

(Obviously, the girls will not sit still throughout this whole time, but the goal is to start a routine where they understand that we start our day the same way each day. It’s ok if they are running around during this time at this age. They can participate in whichever parts they choose at this point.)

9:30 Tot School Activity

Some days we go to the library/museum/have a playdate during this time, so I could always do an abbreviated Circle Time to try to fit it in, and if Tot School doesn’t happen in the morning, I’ll make sure it happens after nap.

11:30 –  Quiet play time / I fix lunch, etc. Some days we go to the park for a picnic or are still finishing up at the library/museum/playdate during this time.

12:00 Lunch for both girls and continued quiet play time / Mommy play time once lunch is cleaned up 1:00 Storytime before naps (with Mommy and individually)

1:30 Naptime

3:30 Sensory bin time as a calming activity after naptime

3:45 Snack

4:00 Dance Party/Shake the Sillies Out/ Outside Time / Finish any Tot School

Sometimes we have a playdate, go to the park, run errands, or play with Daddy during this time.

5:45 Dinner / Play with Daddy

6:30 Emma goes home / Family play time/dinner if we haven’t already done so

7:00 Bath

7:30 Bed

Obviously, some days will look different than others, and while I know order is really important to toddlers, I also want them to learn to be flexible, too!

Below is an idea of how I will try to fit in all the Tot School activities we have planned. I’m going back to the one subject per day idea I used earlier.

Monday = Music and Color Focus

Tuesday = Art and Color Review /Letter Focus

Wednesday = Science/Sensory and Shape Focus

Thursday = Math and Number Focus

Friday = Mommy Time/Field Trips

Below is an idea of how I’ll fit in this month’s activities. (Don’t hold me to this; it’s just a place to start!) I’ll also have to fill in some gaps (especially in planning circle time.)

September2013 subject










2 3 4 5 6 7/8



9-Music and Color Focus

-Intro unit – apples

-Color Focus: Red

-Song – Red song

-Book: Apple Farmer Annie

10-Art and Color Review/Letter Focus

-Activity: A is for apples (stickers)

– Half-Eaten Paper Plate Apple

11-Science and Sensory Focus

-Book: Baby Loves Fall

-Sensory: Apple Pretend Play

-Science: Apple Experiment

12-Math and Numbers Focus

-Song: Hokey Pokey

-Math Activity: Decorate #1 Pattern

-Math: Apple picking sorting game and maybe Apple Tree Math

13 14/15



16-Song- Ten Little Apples and I’m a Little Apple

-Book: Apple Pie A to Z

17Letter Activity: Apples Alphabet Game

-Art: Thumbprint Apple

18Sensory: Sensory Apples

Science: Apple Taste Testing

Book: Counting on Fall

19Song: Hokey Pokey

Math Activity: One Finger Painting

Math: Guess My Seeds and baking muffins and maybe Apple Seed Counting

20 21/22



23-Song: Apple Action Rhyme and Falling Apples

-Book: Apples A to Z

24Letter Activity: Apples Alphabet Game

Art: Apple Tree

25Book: Fall Leaves

Science: Parts of an Apple

-Sensory: Apple Pretend Play


-Song: HP

-Math: Anything we didn’t get to

27 28/29Apple picking field trip and then more apple tasting!



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