19 Months Already?!


On the one hand, it’s so hard to believe that you’re getting so old, but on the other hand, you’re developing and changing so much every single day that I can’t help but realize you’re growing up! You are so fun to hang out with! You interact and pretty much have conversations with us now. You definitely have a great personality – you are confident, funny, fun-loving, sweet, and a bit strong-willed. Here are a few highlights from the month:

  • You like to copy Mommy and drop your glasses below your eyes while you say, “Hello dah-ling!”
  • One day, you were set on having a cookie, but we kept telling you it wasn’t time for a cookie. You then started chanting, “COOKIE TIME!”
  • I love to tell you that you are a sweet girl, so you repeat, “Fair Fair Sweet Girl.”
  • We started doing a consistent circle time with Emma each morning, so now you know and remind me, “circle time!”
  • Everytime you see Dario, you either ask him for applesauce (and a spoon) or a cookie. And you usually get at least one (or both).
  • One day you were a super great sport at H&M while Mommy tried lots of clothes on you for a couple of hours. During that time, you found a Hello Kitty water bottle/purse that you loved. You carried it around the store all morning. I figured you earned it, so I bought it before we left. You then preceded to carry it around all day long – across the playground, in the stroller, in the house, and into the bathtub.
  • One night Daddy was asking you what you thought the baby was going to be. You usually say, “girl,” but this time you said “boy-girl.” Daddy said that in that case, we would be in trouble. He asked you again, and you said, very seriously, “Girl…boy…two.” Twins? I’m not sure; we will see!
  • One day, Mommy had a headache, so she took a rest on the couch while Daddy played with you. A few days later, I saw you lying on the couch, holding your head and saying, “Head hurt.”
  • Last weekend, our church had a fall carnival. Mommy wasn’t able to go, but when I got home, I asked you what you did, and you emphatically (and clearly) said, “Bounce house!”
  • You are getting pretty proficient at feeding yourself with a spoon, and you can also sit in a big girl swing now!
  • You know lots of colors – red, purple, yellow, blue, green, pink, and you also have started to sing the ABC’s. You can get to abcdefg. You can also count (with a few missing numbers here and there).

You truly are growing up so quickly, but I am enjoying (and trying to remember) every single moment. I love you!


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