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So I’ve decided that it might be best to just make plans for all the months of summer in one post since we and E will be traveling, we’ll all want to be outside more, etc. I think I’ve landed on a summer/ocean/beach ball theme. So here goes:

Bible Verse: Psalm 24:1

“The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it.”

(We can use this to talk about ocean animals but also to talk about the importance of sharing because everything we have is God’s anyway!)

Books: These are the books I have on hold at the library.

At the Beach

By Yoon, Salina(Book – 2011)

Baby Loves Summer!

A Karen Katz Lift-the-flap BookBy Katz, Karen(Book – 2012)

Grandma's Beach

By Beardshaw, Rosalind(Book – 2004, c2001)

Noodle Loves the Beach

By Billet, Marion(Book – 2012, c2011)

Spot Goes to the Beach

By Hill, Eric, 1927-(Book – 2005, c1985)

Where Is Baby's Beach Ball?

A Lift-the-flap BookBy Katz, Karen(Book – 2009)

Color Focus: Sorting – I’m going to order these counting bears and get the girls used to sorting. We’ll also talk about all the colors while we do this! I also might focus on yellow, but mostly sorting this summer. 🙂

Let’s Go Fishing! Playset to practice colors

Shape Focus: We will continue to talk about circles and also balls (spheres).

-We will continue some of our circle crafts (painting with circle containers, circle stickers, etc.)

-We will also talk about circles while doing this activity with Cheerios (which is also good for math and fine motor).

Letter Focus: Review Ss and introduce Bb

-Mostly we just talk about things we find that start with these letters. We also have Alphabooks, which we like to read together.

Music: Grooveshark

-Baby Shark

-Five Little Fishies

Five little fishies swimming at the store, one was bought and then there were four!
Four little fishies swimming by me, one was bought and then there were three!
Three little fishies swimming by you, one was bought and then there were two!
Two little fishies swimmin’ for fun, one was bought and then there was one!
One little fishy swimmin’ all alone, I bought him and took him home!

-Five Little Fishes

Five little fishes swimming in the sea
teasing Mr. Shark
you can’t catch me you can’t catch me!
Well along came Mr. Shark as quiet as can be
SNAPPED that fish right out of the sea.

-Down by the Bay

Dramatic Play:

-I’m going to create a beach scene with my felt board. I want to make one item for each of the main colors.

Art Exploration:

Crab handprint

Sun craft

Painting on and with shells

Tissue Paper Fish


-Fish do a dot (From last month)

Science/Sensory: I’m thinking the girls are going to enjoy most of their sensory time in the sandbox at the park. If I had a porch or a way to set up a sandbox sensory bin in someplace other than my apartment, I would! (But I just can’t get past having sand all over my apartment!)

Shell Sensory Bag

Under the Sea Sensory Bin?

-Or maybe some water play (with squirt bottles, scoops, eye droppers, etc.)

Seashell prints in playdoh – probably time to make some new playdoh – maybe blue with glitter?

Math and Motor Skills:

Bead Paper Towel Rolls on Straws

Numbered Cups and Balls

-Numbers with pipe cleaners and cheerios (from circle/shape section above)

-Continued one to one correspondence practice with ping pong balls and mini muffin tins

Snack Ideas:

-Blue jello and goldfish

–Maybe we will make our own mini pizzas with mini pepperonis to celebrate the circle. (last month)

Field Trip: I hope to take Fairley to the beach at least once this summer. I have a feeling she’s going to love it!

Service Project: Tot Visit at the nursing home (2 x a month)

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