15 Months and Growing Too Quickly!


Fairley Anne,

You are already fifteen months old now! I say you’re growing too quickly, but your daddy says you’re growing just enough! (He always has to remind me that you growing up is a good thing – it’s supposed to happen!) Well, that may be true, but it doesn’t make it any easier on this momma. In the meantime  I’ll just continue to try to enjoy each and every moment with you. You are growing and changing so much these days, so here’s a snapshot of the last month!

  • You love to pretend play. You like to feed your baby with your bottle. You also like to “cook” yummy meals for me and daddy (and you “taste” while you cook, like Mommy!) You also like to have “coffee” with your daddy and “tea time” with Mommy and Emma.
  • You have a sense of humor for sure! You like to tease, especially your Mommy (when you wouldn’t share raisins with me.) You love to laugh, and you love to make other people laugh – what a great quality!
  • You have an opinion on most things. I’ve known you have understood most of what I say to you for awhile now, but now you can actually respond back! You’ll tell me an emphatic, “No!” with your arms and your whole upper body shaking. (I guess shaking your head was not enough?) You’ll also answer with a “Yeah!” if it’s something you’re feeling inclined to do. You also have a sleepy “Yeah,” that I like to get out of you. So I ask you after every nap, “Did you have a good rest?” and you’ll respond quietly, “Yeahhh.” I love it!
  • “Amen!” might be your favorite word. You like to say it at the end of each prayer and also in the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It!”
  • Speaking of that song, it’s one of your favorites. You also like to change up the words to “If you’re happy and you know it drink your milk” or “go night-night.” You ask for this song now when I put you to sleep instead of your usual “You Are My Sunshine.” You also love singing “The Wheels on the Bus” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”
  • This month we were blessed with a long trip to Texas. You enjoyed time with your Uncle Aaron and Aunt Heather, GiGi, Big Dad, and all your great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! We must have worn you out, though, because you took the longest naps while you were there!
  • You have become great at mimicking. One of my favorites, though, was when we were at the park and you saw the ducks sleeping with their heads in their wings. You immediately said, “night night,” and tucked your head under your arm. So cute! (and observant!)
  • Another thing that I’m learning is that you are entering the parroting stage. I was trying to express my disappointment about a situation, so I threw out an “Oh shucks!” (Who says that really???) And you immediately repeated it. Oops.
  • I also love when you say, “Oh no!” Like the time I pulled up the rugs to wash during your nap. You immediately came back in, pointed at the bare floor, and said, “Oh no!”
  • Here is a list (incomplete, I’m sure) of new “words” we’ve heard you say. (Some are more intelligible to people other than you parents than others.)
  • What’s that?, cheese, couscous, bowl, bow, FairFair (when asked your name or when you see a picture of yourself), Papa, GiGi, Big Dad, Gramma, Dario, broom, raisin, show, baby, bubble, Bible, please, thank you, poopoo, phone, rock, blueberry, paci, purple, Elmo, eye, nose, mouth, cracker, tunnel, fork, and you’re starting to work on more names in our family, too! I’m not sure if I wrote it in last month’s, but you love the word happy! (Emma taught you!)
  • You’ve added the elephant sound (and arm motion) and the chicken sound to your repertoire.
  • You’re still a growing girl! We go to the doctor tomorrow, so I’m excited to see all your stats! In other physical appearance news, your eyes are still a bright blue, and your hair is lightening with each day.
  • When you’re asked how old you are, you can hold up one finger and say, “Na!” (Your way of saying one.) You can also say “Fi” for someone holding up five fingers!

Oh Fairley girl – they were right! You get more fun with each passing stage. I love spending time with you; life is never dull! Love you so much!!!

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