April Tot School Recap – Pictures followed by post





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So we didn’t get to a few activities this month, so I’ll save them for next month (since we are continuing the spring theme).

Bible Verse:

“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” 2 Corinthians 5:17


Baby Loves Spring!

Color Focus:   Purple

-We will probably color mix with water. -check

-We might also color mix with yogurt. – check

Shape Focus: Diamond (Why not get all of the obscure shapes out of the way first?!)

-We might use the kite printables (from the website at the top of the page). – check

-Or we might just make a kite from construction paper! – E wasn’t in to this…

-Or we might just go fly some kites! – not yet

Letter Focus: Ss – We did some fun coloring.

S is for Strawberry

S is for Star

S is for Sun

S is for Snake

Music: Grooveshark Playlist – This will be a work in progress.

-Tiny Tim (Turtle Song)

-Parts of a Plant (by Dr. Jean)

Dramatic Play: Check!

-Dress up with feather boas, hats, sunglasses, etc.

-Felt Spring Scene

Art Exploration:

-Baby Animals Do-a-Dots: Lamb and Puppy – check – E liked this!

Here are some great ideas for flower art projects (which will be nice for upcoming birthdays/Mother’s Day!) Saving for next month

-We did make a footprint butterfly for Rebecka.


-Coloring Flowers (using carnations, water/food dye) – next month

Spring Sensory Bin – (same as Easter) – check! We did this almost every day after nap!


-Counting with bunny pasta (working on numbers 1, 2, 3)

Motor Skills:

-Pompons – They like to put them in a jar and dump them out. (fine motor) – check!

Snack Ideas: Flower Snack (and also some great ideas for flower-themed unit) – next month

Field Trip: Seeing all the flowers in bloom in Central Park – one of my favorite things about the city! – check!

Service Project: Hoping to start serving at the nursing home once a month – check!

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