14 Months with Fairley


Fairley Anne,

Time hasn’t seemed to slow down any since you turned one. If anything, time’s flying by even more quickly, and I’m still trying to enjoy and remember each moment with you.  So here’s a recap of your fourteenth month:
-You’re walking now! Full. out. walking. It’s about the most adorable thing ever to see you toddle around! I’ll be honest, though. Your motivation? Food? The first few times you walked clear across the room it was to either come over to me for my lunch or for a bite of my chocolate chip cookie. A girl after her momma’s heart for sure.
-Speaking of food…you don’t like to share it. Again, you got this honest from me, I guess. We have a super fun video of me following you around asking for you to share a raisin with me, and everytime you just say, “No.”
-You love to read, and I love to read to you, so this works out so well! You have these alphabet books that you love. When I pull out the book for “Pp” and “Ff,” you know the sound for each letter! Such a smart girl!
-You can identify eyes, ears, mouth, lips, and head (mostly on other people for now, but you’re starting to find them on yourself, too!)
-This month you got your first case of a stomach bug…and it was not fun…for anyone. The only good part about it was the extended cuddle time we had together. We just sat for over an hour as you snuggled me and I sang in your ear. Pure bliss.
-You love finding your belly button now. You also like to find other people’s belly buttons, too! (Which can be a little awkward in public, but oh well!)
-One day you were sitting in your high chair, and in the sweetest voice I have ever heard, you just said, “Mama.” I came over, and you reached up for a hug. Made. my. day.
-Here are some new words you’ve learned:
cracker, yeah, happy, hungry (with sign), owl, shh, Addie, shoes, apple, bubble, and amen (which you love to yell emphatically at the end of each prayer!)
-You love when we tell you “secrets” in your   ear, and you’re learning to tell them to us, too!
-Daddy plays a “password” game with you where he traps you in between his legs. You can’t get out unless you know the password…which you will soon learn one day…here’s a hint: “I love Daddy.”
-You are so super silly, and I just love seeing your personality develop! You loooove playing with Emma, and you miss her and ask for her when she’s not here.
Fairley Bug, we are just smitten with you. Each day with you just brings more fun, laughter, and love. You are the best!
We love you to the moon and back,
Mommy and Daddy

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