Starting the Big Move….


Candace and I standing in front of the uhaul

First of all, we want to thank everyone so much for all of their prayers.  This is a HUGE move for us, and we are so thankful for everyone that helped us as we pursue the next things that God has for us.  We feel so loved and we have gotten to see so many aspects of Christ through all of the support we have seen.

So, Thursday, we officially became a no-car family when a buyer came and picked up Margie the Mazada (Candace’s car).  I only mention that to talk about how good God is to get me to the right UHaul place.  I got dropped off at the place I was supposed to pick up the uhaul to find out that they did not have my truck.  Luckily, Leighton Radtke through a series of events saved the day and picked me up and took me down to the uhaul place on the other side of town (which was a blessing because we had no cars).

Even though we were a little delayed, we were so humbled by how our missional community and other friends all came to help us move.  I can honestly say I have never seen more of what we read about in the Acts church.  Everyone was so generous and willing that the moving process went extremely smoothly.   We all got a little sweaty, we all ate a little pizza, and we even had to chase a rolling chair across the parking lot (thanks Evan).  All that to say, we got things loaded and locked up, and stayed the night with Tonya.

Here are some great pictures from that day,

Then, I drove the truck up to work for my last day in the office, picked up Candace at the end of the day, and we headed east toward Nederland.

Here is a video of us in the cab of Big Bertha!

Leaving Austin….. from missionteamsnyc on Vimeo.

We are now here in Nederland for the week, and getting ready to leave for NYC one week from today.  It definitely puts things into perspective when all your material belongings are sitting in a box in the driveway.  We are continuing to pray for our new role at MNYBA and for opportunities to open up to share the gospel.

We will keep you posted while we are here, and please continue to keep us in your prayers!

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