About the Fields


In 2011, our family (just Candace and Freeman at the time) was called to serve in NYC as housing coordinators for the MNYBA, an association of churches in the tri-state area.  During the 2 years we were part of the association, we were able to connect with pastors all over the city and see how God was moving in every neighborhood and in so many people groups.

In September of 2013, Freeman accepted the call to work with Apostles Church as the Family Ministries Director.  Since the beginning of our marriage, we have felt called to work with kids and families to express the gospel to each other, and to all those around them.  We have seen the unique opportunities and challenges of having a family in New York City, and we want to encourage families to steward the time they have here for the glory of God.

Candace is an amazing educator and mother to our daughter Fairley, and also watches a dear friend named Emma.  She has a passion for creating gospel-centered learning environments for young children and has been using this blog to share that with the world.

Our time in New York has been an adventure, and we are excited to continue to share with you what God is doing through our family, our church and through the people here in New York.  We are encouraged to have the opportunity to share the hope that we have in Christ with a city that continues to have a growing number of young professionals and families in need of the gospel.

Please check out our blog, and if possible, connect with “fieldfamilynyc” through facebook and twitter.

We are thankful for your support and prayers!