J.D. Field – 4 1/2 Years


A couple of people have mentioned this lately, and I have to agree. That you are the perfect combination of rambunctious, rough and tumble boy, with the sweetest heart to go with it. You just are!! You have SO MUCH energy, but you also have SO MUCH love and gentleness that you freely give. We are so blessed to be your parents.

On one of our summer trips, you just took off your headphones and gazed up at me on the plane and said, “Momma, I love you.” Completely unprompted and so sincere. And now you’ll say, “You know what? I love you,” which is something we’ve always said to you, and I love that you know it and share it with us now, too.

This summer you also had a sick day kind of out of nowhere. You wanted nothing more than to just snuggle up on the couch, and I loved it, remembering that these early years of wanting to snuggle with your mom will come to an end sooner that I may want them to. (And your dad has already forbid me to try to reenact the scenes from the book, I’ll Love You Forever, where the mom never stops sneaking in and rocking her fully grown son.)

Then, one day I came home with a sick headache. I went to my room to rest, and once I woke up from my nap, you just came in to lay with me. You didn’t want or need anything from me. You just kept saying you just wanted to make sure I was ok and that you wanted to stay with me. Such a sweetie.

After a summer of learning to manage really big feelings (probably with so many transitions coming up, you were feeling things BIG), we’ve really seen a lot of growth in you in self-control. We can also tell that you are desiring to do the right thing and to obey us, even when it’s hard. I’ve also noticed that you are trying hard to be a helper and really contribute to our family. (Sometimes we just don’t always know what’s going on in your always-working mind, so I just need to remember to ask you more questions about what you’re doing because you often have really great intentions.)

You are still so sweet with babies. You helped entertain a new friend’s little girl yesterday on the train for a long time. You also entertained a toddler on the train the other day by stomping your light up shoes and making her laugh. You just took the initiative yourself to try to make her laugh because she had been sad for the earlier part of the ride. If a baby is crying, you want to know why. You’ll troubleshoot and think of all the possible reasons that could be making the baby sad. You are so gentle and talk so sweetly with little ones. I cannot wait for Madilynn to have you as her big brother.

You’re continuing to learn a lot about God. You explained to me the other day that “We wear the white robe and Jesus had the black one,” as you explained the great reversal of our sin.

One of my favorite things you said – “I want a train sandwich!” (which I realized meant you wanted a Subway sandwich).

You also just started Pre-K. You are at the same school your sister attended (PS 185), and you even have the same teachers! Your best friend, Henry, is in your class, and we were also fortunate to know a few other kids ahead of time. Your whole class seems to be really sweet! And you LOVE going to school. I’m so excited for you as you take this next big step. You’re so confident and excited about being in school! (And I pray that never changes!) You’re a smart boy! (The other day you helped your sister sound out a word she was trying to spell.) I figure you’ll be reading soon!

Here are a few pictures from your first few days at school. We love you so much, Big Buddy!




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