J.D.- 4 1/4 and Pre-K Update


You have grown up so much over the past several months. You will start school in the fall, and you are so ready! I’m really excited for you to start this new adventure, and you get to be in the school that we love where your sister went to Pre-K.

You also found out recently that you are going to be a BIG BROTHER, and you are SO excited. You have the sweetest heart, and you’re great with babies, so I’m excited for you to take on this new role.

Here are a few other things I want to remember from the past few months:

  • You wore a police outfit (that was really tight because you’ve pretty much outgrown it) out of the house several days in a row. You had a notepad and even wrote people some “tickets.”
  • One time your Big Dad played police officer and criminal with you. You locked him up and put him in jail. I came to check on you guys and said, “Sounds like fun,” and you said, “Not for Big Dad!”
  • You have also worn a Superman costume out of the house many times, too. One time you enjoyed climbing up a statue in Columbus Circle, and you did look like a legit super hero!
  • One time you told me, “I still want you to be my boss in heaven.”
  • One time I was singing “You Are My Sunshine,” and you said, “That’s really funny because I’m actually your SON!”
  • One time when we visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art, we saw the Temple of Dendur from ancient Egypt, and you wouldn’t leave because you said you needed to go in and pray (to God) first.
  • You’ve developed a love for writing. You can form most letters of the alphabet now, and you love sounding out and writing words with our help. You love doing homework and reading “school” books.
  • When we went to sign you up for school, you were really excited (and a little nervous). After we left, you looked at me with all sincerity and said, “But who will you play with (when I’m in school)?” Oh, sweet, sweet, boy.

We love you so much. And we are so proud of you.



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