J.D. Field – Finally Four Years Old

Hi Buddy,

You’re finally four years old! You’ve been looking forward to this for about six months! You’re so proud to be four years old. Here are a few things we want to remember from your last few months of being three:

  • On a couple of occasions, you asked different people we saw around the city if they knew about God and Jesus.  You’ve also been processing being the youngest in our family. One night, you realized, though, that “older kids might not know about God, but I do, so I could tell them.”
  • One day, walking home, you asked, “Fairley, do you know how loved you are?”
  • When I was trying to find something you threw across the room, you said, “Clearly, I threw it over there…”
  • You dressed up as Santa Claus and wanted to go surprise your sister and cousins, but you said it like this, “I want to go surprise the ladies!”
  • During advent, after talking about sin, you prayed, “God, today I ate candy without asking my mom first. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”
  • Also, in Texas during Christmas break, you loved going around GiGi’s neighborhood fixing any fallen decorations. One day, we went back around the block in the afternoon, and some of the decorations you fixed had fallen again. You said, “Ahh, I JUST did this!”
  • One night, at dinner, when sharing our rosebud thorn, you said, “My bud is that Jesus is coming back, and there will be trumpet sounds like this (insert trumpet sound).”
  • One Saturday morning after a week of sickness passing through our family, you and I were able to at least get out to the playground. We called it a date. You whispered in my ear, “Mommy, they just think we’re at the playground. They don’t even know we’re on a date!” (About the other people in the playground) You were also such a gentleman and pushed me in a swing that same day.
  • “I wouldn’t trade you for anything, not even a thousand million dollars!” is what you tell me.
  • You have such a great memory. We’ve been playing the game “Memory” and you often beat me. You also notice and remember lots of details these days.
  • You have such a kind heart and notice when people are in need. You always remind me to take out a fig bar and give it to people who need it on the train.
  • You were telling me a story about a sea animal that wasn’t a shark. I think I was supposed to be guessing another animal and while I was thinking, I said “well…” with a big Texan drawl. You looked at me and said, “No, it wasn’t a whale either.”
  • You’re really into creative play these days, and you play well in your room by yourself, but you often ask your dad or myself or your sister to come play with you. You love Rescue Bots, Paw Patrol, SuperWings, superheroes and Ninja Turtles right now.
  • You still love wearing shorts and short sleeves. Now you wear them under every outfit so that you can strip down to shorts and short sleeves every place we go! (Including fine institutions like The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
  • We had a super fun, adventurous day celebrating you! We went to a trampoline park in Philly and met up with Aunt Krista, Grayson, and Lexi. We also went to a mall, where you had your choice at the food court (cheeseburger AND pizza), played in the play area, and then went to Aunt Krista and Uncle Owen’s new house. It was a full day of family fun to celebrate our boy who we love!!!

You are absolutely the most precious boy in the whole world. You have the biggest heart, an adventurous spirit, an observant, determined, and smart mind, and all the energy. I love you so very much, J.D. Field! Happy 4th Birthday!!!!



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