Fairley Anne Field – 6 Years Old

My Sweet Girl,

You are now six years old! These past six months have been busy and full of change for you.

At the end of the summer, you started Kindergarten at ECDD, where you went to Pre-K. You had a great teacher and loved your friends there. But about a month into school, we did find out that a spot opened up in a Kindergarten class at TAG Young Scholars, and we felt like it would be a better fit for your learning style (and also it goes through 8th grade, which we liked).

It was a hard decision to make, but we felt like we should have you go ahead and make the move. You handled it so well. We told you one afternoon, the next morning we went to ECDD where you said your goodbyes (and gave every classmate a hug), and then we hopped in a cab and went over a few blocks to enroll you at your new school. You walked right in during snack time, sat down at your table, and never looked back!

As if that wasn’t enough change, about a month into your time at TAG, your sweet teacher, Ms. K. needed to resign to help support her family in another way. We were so sad because we loved her dearly, but we thanked God that she was there during the first month of your transition. You handled yet another transition well, and welcomed Mr. Ahmed, your new teacher.

You’ve made many new friends and continue to keep some of your friendships from your former school as well. You continue to do so well in school, soaking in so much information (much more than I remember learning in Kindergarten, that’s for sure!). When you started at TAG, you were reading on a 3rd grade level. You love reading chapter books, sometimes in one sitting.

Recently, I went on a field trip as a chaperone, and you were so happy for me to be your bus partner. I realize that this is not something that will always happen, so I cherished the time with you at this stage when you are happy to have me around. 🙂

This school is a “gifted and talented” school, and one day you said, “I’ll always be talented because it’s a present God gave me!” You were awarded Honor Roll for your first semester in Kindergarten. We continue to be so proud of how hard you work in school and also how you seem to be such a helper to the teacher and other students. At the beginning of the school year, you mentioned going around at recess and finding sad friends and helping them.

When you started school this year, you said you’d like to be a “detective scientist astronaut.” You said that if you have hard questions about space, you’ll just go up there and answer them yourself.

You continue to have such a grateful heart. One day you gave the longest discourse about loving your life – you explained that we have all of what we need and some of what we want. You also told me, “I’m so glad I have a Mommy to take care of me.”

But – sometimes you do put me in my place, so to speak. I wanted a bite of let’s say, a burger or cookie or something you were eating, and I asked you for one. You wouldn’t let me bite it myself, but you handed me what I thought was a pretty generous bite size, and I was surprised. You looked at me and said, “Well, it’s not as big as the bite YOU would have taken!”

Also, one night, I was talking to your dad and not making much sense describing a four-sided thing. I couldn’t come up with the word I wanted to use, and you said, “You could have called them boxes or containers…”

You are generous with the things God has given you. After you lost your second tooth, the Tooth Fairy left some change as a way to sneak out of our second trap. J.D. immediately asked you for a coin, and he chose a penny. You sweetly explained that that coin is worth the least amount and offered him a different coin.

You also are learning so much about choosing joy and cultivating a joyful heart. One day I think I was struggling to be joyful about a morning commute in the rain, and I noticed you were not struggling so much. I was grateful that you weren’t complaining, so I let you know that. You said, “Yeah, I don’t want to feel that way (upset).” It’s like you just told me in your words, “I’m choosing joy right now,” and that encouraged me.

The other night I asked you to do me a favor and bring me a washcloth while I was in the shower. I said, “Thanks,” and you said, “My pleasure!” in the most genuine way I’ve ever heard, as if you really did feel glad to help me in that way.

One time you made me laugh so hard because the title of a book you were reading was called Blueberries for Sal. You said, it sounds like Texan talk saying, “Blueberries for sale” (but with a twang). It really made me laugh.

Over the past season, your dad and I realized that you and I were missing out on some special times together because our afternoons are so full with playdates and homework, and then he’s so helpful with the nighttime routine that I was missing out on time with you. Since then, we’ve really been making an effort for you and I to get special time together – dates, pillow talk times, and days where just I bring you to school. It’s really helped our relationship to grow, and I’m so grateful.

Over Christmas, you grew up a lot! Christmas morning you spent locked up in a room making gifts for all the adults, and you came out to present them saying, “I wanted to make you guys something because you guys never open presents. You just sit and watch us open them.”

You also asked to get your hair cut, and once we did, we found out that your hair has a lot of natural curl in it that was just too weighed down to see!

You also learned how to ride a bike in Texas! I can’t wait to go back and watch you practice riding this summer. Also, you’ll swim this summer. You LOVE swimming, and so that’s how we celebrated your birthday this year. We spent the day outside (in uncharacteristically warm weather for February), and then we went a hotel with an indoor pool so that you could swim your heart out, which you did!

We continue to be amazed by you, Fairley! We think you are so super special (and smart and hard working and confident and creative and loving and compassionate and kind and generous and joyful and silly and fun), and we love getting to see the fantastic girl God has made you to be!





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